New Cloud Pricing and Products Serve as Proofs of RSA’s Transformation

BEDFORD, MA – June 1, 2022 – RSA, a global leader in identity and access management (IAM) solutions for the planet’s most security-sensitive organizations, approaches the RSA Conference in San Francisco as an organization well into a dynamic transformation, with significant announcements to make.

First among them is the company’s decision to simplify and streamline its focus and brand architecture. RSA pioneered multi-factor authentication and RSA SecurID is the most widely deployed MFA offering trusted by security-first organizations across the globe. While identity has always been central to RSA’s mission, the company has also been involved in adjacent cyber modalities. No longer: going forward those organizations focusing on integrated risk management, threat detection and response, and omnichannel fraud prevention will grow as independent companies with their own brands.

RSA’s leadership has made the decision to return to its roots and focus the RSA brand on identity. The rationale behind this shift is straightforward. RSA believes identity is the most consequential threat vector in cybersecurity and RSA is best positioned to help customers with this challenge. In addition, the RSA brand will remain affiliated with RSA Conference: the world’s preeminent conference and community for cybersecurity professionals and now an independent business.

RSA also announced the availability of an innovative new SaaS solution suite named ID Plus, a complete and flexible IAM platform offering customers the choice of cloud, on-prem and hybrid deployments. With this announcement, RSA has simplified its IAM offerings to just two brands: ID Plus and SecurID.

“We’ve accelerated a shift into being an identity-first company serving security-first customers,” said Rohit Ghai, CEO of RSA. “We’re transforming into a much more customer experience-driven organization. And we’ve leaned heavily into innovation,” continued Ghai. “We’re making tectonic-level enhancements throughout the company, and with our commitment to hyperfocus on identity we can meet our customers wherever they are on their journey to zero trust.”

RSA’s announcement will dramatically improve customer experience by greatly simplifying both the purchase and adoption of the ID Plus portfolio. The company has introduced 3 new subscription-based pricing plans with a powerful array of options that can be flexibly deployed in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid. Customers can easily adjust their deployments as their needs change. Each plan can lower a customer’s upfront costs in a meaningful way and provide customers with greater budgeting predictability. Simple and effective.

Also, at the RSA Conference, the company is introducing a truly game-changing new cloud product within the ID Plus portfolio: the DS100, a hardware authenticator specifically designed to serve RSA’s customers who have embraced a zero trust posture.

The DS100 is the first ever and only passwordless, multi-functional security solution that can dramatically enhance user experience while lowering total cost of ownership. It is the first cloud-enabled authenticator that marries the cryptographic advantages of FIDO protocols with the security benefits of a one-time password solution, a category where RSA has long been the gold standard. Unlike any other authenticator, the DS100 works plugged in or unplugged, making it the perfect, flexible authentication solution.

The DS100 is only the first of 6 or more new cloud based-solutions the company will introduce in the balance of 2022.

“Our product team is well-beyond simply ‘excited’ about the new ID Plus portfolio and the DS100,” said Jim Taylor, RSA’s Chief Product Officer and the company’s most-likely-to-geek-out-about-new-stuff person. “Everything we do is in service to the customer experience and to innovating exponentially, as RSA has done since its inception. These 2 new solutions are additional proofs of this dual emphasis.”

The company points to its new ownership as a powerful catalyst of the transformation taking place throughout RSA. In 2020, a group led by STG (Symphony Technology Group) purchased RSA. Clearlake Capital later joined the consortium to invest in the next phase of the company’s transformation.

“RSA has consistently delivered shareholder value by being a Rule of 40+ company. And the advantages inherent in RSA now being independent cannot be overstated,” said CEO Ghai. “We’re part of an organization that’s bullish about and focused on identity and cybersecurity. And we’re surrounded by a community of investors and advisors who feel the same. Truly a Virtuous Circle.”

RSA was founded by 3 pioneering MIT mathematicians who invented the RSA cryptosystem, laying the foundation for all secure data communications. Today RSA is a global leader laser-focused on identity and access management, reflecting the company’s belief that assuring digital identities throughout their lifecycle is of preeminent importance in cybersecurity. RSA focuses on serving the planet’s most security-sensitive organizations, with specialties in federal government, financial services, healthcare, energy and technology services.