Advanced research and development focused squarely on solving the world’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

RSA Labs develops cutting-edge technology to improve threat detection, authentication, and cloud and IoT security. From ideation and early development through beta testing and into customers' hands, the lifecycle of innovation at RSA starts with the minds of our innovative staff and hundreds of security patents.

Learn about the innovations and patent-pending technologies the talented RSA Labs engineering team is developing, and find out which ones you can sign up to test today.

What’s This File™?

What’s This File is a free, cloud-based malware detection and classification service. It rapidly identifies zero-day exploits, malware and malware droppers. Determining if a file is benign or malicious has never been so easy.

Proximity-Based Authentication

Proximity-based authentication uses patent-pending, auto-ranging technology from RSA Labs to automatically lock a user’s computer when she steps away from it and unlock it as soon as she gets within range. The death of the password is in proximity.

Project SYN

Get instant visibility into threats lurking in your container environments that you can’t get from other security tools. Project SYN consists of a free, cloud-based advanced analytics service and a free Container which gathers deep intelligence on your container environment.

RSA Labs and Standards

RSA believes that Standards and the methods used to assess conformity to standards are essential for delivering interoperable, reliable, and secure Information Technology (IT) products and services. Beyond IT standards, RSA is also involved in the development of security standards and guidelines for emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT).

Project Iris

Project Iris provides visibility and monitoring for the emerging IoT Edge Computing model. As a member of EdgeX Foundry, an open source project hosted by Linux Foundation, RSA researchers are developing a behavior analytics solution to secure the EdgeX platform by detecting anomalous behaviors and compromised devices.

Project Notus

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries through ubiquitous connectivity, data-driven intelligence, and disruptive new business models. Data is viewed as the precious currency for this new paradigm. As such, it is essential to protect this asset throughout its lifecycle. Notus is a FIPS-compliant security module for OPC-UA, a broadly-adopted industrial automation standard for secure and reliable exchange of data in mission-critical industrial applications.

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