Mind-Blowing Cost of Global Cybercrime Every 60 Minutes

Global Phishing Attacks

A phishing attack occurs every

30 seconds or

120 per hour

(Source: RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center)

Global Phishing Losses

$8,850 per attack

$1,062,000 per hour

Identity Records Compromised

486,000 per hour

8,100 per minute

(Source: Have I Been Pwned)

Account Takeover Losses

$0.55 average loss per stolen identity record

$267,300 average losses per hour

Known Fraud Entities Added to RSA eFraudNetwork

300,000 added per day

12,500 per hour

E-Commerce Fraud Losses

$1.9 trillion in total e-Commerce sales

(Source: eMarketer)

0.3% fraud as a percentage of transactions

(Source: RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center)

$660,000 per hour

Fraud Losses Prevented by RSA eFraudNetwork

$5,300,000 per month

$7,360 per hour