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Organizations’ incident readiness and response often falls short in ten areas that span people, processes and technology. By tackling these shortcomings, security professionals can reduce risk by providing early warnings of potential problems, rather than scrambling to chase the latest threat.


Information security attacks have become more targeted, more sophisticated, more adaptable and harder to find. As it becomes more difficult to prevent attacks, information security professionals must do a better job responding by reducing attackers’ free time within the network, getting to the root cause faster, and learning from each attack to reduce future risk.

The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice provides services that unify an organization’s security strategy, operations, and technology deployments and produce an actionable security-improvement plan that enables it to prioritize requirements and enhance its security posture. Enterprises can accelerate the detection, investigation, and remediation of security incidents and vulnerabilities; enhance the control they have over sensitive systems and IP; and gain a partner able to support the evolution of cyber-security initiatives. These services include a rapid breach-response service and an SLA-based retainer service providing surge access to resources and expertise. The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice provides access to highly skilled, real-world security practitioners each with an average of 10-plus years of providing breachmanagement services and of building, operating, and managing SOCs.

RSA Security Operations Management

RSA SecOps provides the orchestration and alignment to better investigate and respond to security incidents.

RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice

The sophistication of the threat environment seems overwhelming. But countermeasures do exist. At RSA, our Advanced Cyber Defense team specializes in protecting digital assets against targeted attacks.