Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Reduce your risk of incurring regulatory fines and penalties due to an inability to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Streamline Regulatory Compliance

Coordinate enterprise-wide regulatory compliance activities with standard processes and tools that identify and address new and changing regulations.

RSA Archer® Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management

Consolidate information from multiple regulatory bodies, document their impact on your business, and establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance program.

RSA SecurID® Suite

Establish user access, identity governance and identity lifecycle management policies and processes that support regulatory obligations.

RSA Identity Assurance Practice

Implementation, support and advisory services to help your organization shore up an identity management strategy in line with government and industry regulations.

RSA NetWitness® Logs & Packets

A network security monitoring and forensics tool that collects, analyzes, reports on and stores log data from a variety of sources to support security policy compliance and regulatory compliance initiatives.

RSA Risk Management Practice

Consulting services to help you design and implement a governance, risk and compliance program.


​Reduce the cost and improve the speed of regulatory compliance programs by eliminating manual, non-scalable and non-strategic activities.

​Obtain a consistent, sustainable, scalable and measurable process for meeting compliance requirements and managing regulatory change.

​Map the impact of new and changing regulations across your entire infrastructure and prioritize compliance activities according to business impact.

Searchable central repository for regulatory requirements, intelligence and other data provides a clear and consolidated view of regulatory compliance issues across the enterprise.

​Improve coordination of and accountability for regulatory compliance activities across the enterprise.

Respond to requests for compliance updates in minutes and provide executives with visibility into the state of compliance across the enterprise in real time.


White Papers

  • The Future of Identity Access Management Organisations are facing the need for improved capabilities in managing identities and access as part of their journey through Digital Transformation. This digital transformation journey will bring on changes which will no doubt equate to increased risks. The whitepaper presents an insight into the future of identity access management.
  • Frost & Sullivan White Paper: Balance is Key to Business Success Smart businesses are rethinking their GRC processes and software to incorporate flexible, enterprise-wide programs that take into account the ways in which Digital Transformation is impacting the business and which quantify risk and opportunity in a way that clearly shows where threats (and possible rewards) lie. Read the whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan to learn more!
  • GDPR: Rethinking How You Think About Personal Data The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) isn’t just a new set of rules for protecting personal data; for many organizations, it’s a whole new way of thinking about personal data—especially for those based in some non-EU countries, who process EU data subject personal data where data privacy laws may not be as strict as they have historically been in the EU. Adopting a new perspective on the journey that personal data takes through the organization may be a challenge. View the whitepaper to discover why understanding the larger context for GDPR can provide an advantage to organizations moving through their own journey to achieve GDPR compliance. The regulation may evolve and change over time, but the fundamental ways of thinking about personal data that underpin it will remain.
  • Harvard Business Review: Living in GDPR's World Harvard Business Review provides a fresh take on GDPR in its new report, “Living in GDPR’s World: How Companies Can Survive and Thrive Under a Demanding New Set of Data Privacy Rules.”
  • Notifiable Data Breach: What is Required to Comply with Australia's New Privacy Law Requirements Recognising the requirements of Australia’s new Privacy Laws, and the reality of the operating pressures that the majority of organisations affected by the new laws are constrained by, RSA Security is providing a simple, fully capable and managed solution. We have combined all the technology required to provide the means for the speedy detection and analysis of cyber-attacks as well as attempted or successful data breaches, along with “break glass in case of emergency” Incident Response expertise – all from the RSA NetWitness® Platform. Download this free white paper.



  • Building an Intelligent SOC: Test Your Abilities to Handle an Attack Gábor Varjas, the CISO of MOL Group, an international oil and gas company based in Hungary, will be speaking about his team’s journey to an intelligent security operations center (SOC) with members of the RSA Advanced Cyber Defense (ACD) Practice. Varjas, who has 18 years of experience in information security across oil and gas, financial services and manufacturing businesses, will share details of his experience building and maturing the SOC at MOL Group. In particular, he will discuss the importance of controlled attack and response exercises, which he continues to use to mature his SOC and assess his team’s ability to detect and respond to attacks. Whether you have a full-blown SOC in place or a small security team, Varjas and the RSA ACD team will share insights, best practices and “lessons learned” intended to help any security team improve its detection and response capabilities.
  • 3D Secure 2.0 Readiness: What You Need to Know 3D Secure 2.0 is expected to have a profound impact on the payments industry by accelerating digital commerce and offering a better user experience with increased fraud protection for card-not-present transactions. Whether you have already started on the journey or are only just beginning, there are many considerations to help you get prepared to make a smooth transition. Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear recommendations from a leading analyst for what you should be doing to prepare to move to 3D Secure 2.0.

Analyst Reports

  • SANS Review of RSA NetWitness Platform As part of its review of the RSA NetWitness Platform, SANS simulated an encoded reverse shell attack and used the platform to detect and investigate it.
  • RSA Quarterly Fraud Report, Q1 2018 The RSA Quarterly Fraud Report highlights the latest global trends in consumer fraud and provides actionable intelligence to organizations of all sizes and types to enable more effective digital risk management. In Q1 2018, highlights include phishing accounted for 48% of all cyber attacks detected and two out of every three fraudulent transactions originated from a mobile application or mobile browser.
  • Frost & Sullivan: What Is a Modern SIEM? Research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan explores the capabilities that differentiate a modern SIEM (security information and event management) solution from a traditional SIEM in the white paper, Can Your SIEM Do This? Intended to help security professionals pick the best SIEM for their organizations, the Frost & Sullivan report explores: The value of modern SIEM solutions in detecting and responding to advanced, targeted threats The four essential capabilities of a modern SIEM, including specific technical capabilities How a modern SIEM could reduce storage costs by as much as 90 percent Criteria for evaluating SIEM vendors and their products
  • Survey Report - Identity and Access Management Current Gaps Point to Needed Improvements This report discusses the critical role of having an Identity and Access management (IAM) technology plan in place is for today’s organizations. On behalf of RSA, an independent survey was conducted with over 170 IAM influencers and decision-makers weighing in on the challenges, compliance issues and top of mind concerns on protecting your most important assets and creating secure user access. What does a new and better approach to enterprise IAM, the strategy and execution look like? Learn more about new IAM capabilities, the need for better security, audit performance and end-user access in this thought provoking study.
"It was clear to us that the RSA Archer GRC Suite was the most flexible, trustworthy and easy-to-manage compliance solution. We liked the fact that it offered full traceability from authoritative sources to control level, as this was a real benefit for us."
​Karen Delozier
​Vice President, IT Risk and Complianc

Sallie Mae

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