Secure Access to Critical Systems

As companies increasingly operate in business ecosystems—made up of an interconnected web of contractors, suppliers, service providers and other business partners—more people need secure access to your systems than ever.

Your data is valuable, and your enterprise systems are the lifeblood of your business. Don’t let unauthorized users put your data or the stability of your operations at risk. Provision and de-provision user access in minutes, and control who has access to what with RSA SecurID Suite.

RSA SecurID® Access

A multifactor authentication and identity management solution that provides strong, secure access and single sign-on capabilities to cloud, web-based and SaaS applications, native mobile apps and traditional enterprise resources including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops, and Windows and Linux servers.

RSA® Identity Governance

Gain control over and visibility into access entitlements across your extended enterprise while automating the monitoring, certification, reporting and remediation of entitlements to ensure users have appropriate access.

RSA® Identity Lifecycle

Streamline your processes for managing, approving and granting access requests across applications, data and infrastructure systems throughout the access lifecycle, from onboarding to employee transfers to de-provisioning.


Ease compliance burdens with broad visibility into and control over the governance, management and access of users across the identity lifecycle.

​Align identity risk to broader business risk management.

​Combine the separate disciplines of access management, identity governance and identity lifecycle into one powerful, industry-leading solution.

​Reduce business risk by using secure and convenient access controls (such as multifactor authentication and single sign-on) to verify the legitimacy of access requests and log-in attempts

​Increase business agility and user productivity with the broadest range of authentication solutions designed to provide secure and convenient access for users.

"We really value the ability to create risk profiles of our community and our user population and then use those risk scores to help evaluate to whom we’re giving remote access. Being able to customize the risk portion of the SecurID tool in this way has been a huge enabler for us."
​Jigar Kadakia
​Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer

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