Secure Access to Corporate Systems from Mobile Devices

By 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly three-fourths of the total U.S. workforce, according to IDC. Are you prepared to provide secure access to them?

Companies are increasingly provisioning mobile devices for employees, and not only for knowledge workers. A wide range of field workers are now using mobile devices to perform a variety of activities, from accessing training materials and technical documentation stored on the corporate network to using augmented reality apps. Use RSA SecurID Access to authenticate mobile devices connecting to your network.

RSA SecurID® Access

A multi-factor authentication and identity management solution that provides strong, secure access and single sign-on capabilities to cloud, web-based and SaaS applications, native mobile apps and traditional enterprise resources including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops, and Windows and Linux servers. Mobile users can authenticate via a range of capabilities, including soft tokens, hard tokens and biometrics.

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Empower a wider range of employees to use mobile devices and enable new, innovative uses of these devices while mitigating security risks.

Allows organizations to provide access to corporate resources from any device located inside or outside of the corporate network while keeping sensitive user credentials safe on premises.

Reduce business risk by using secure and convenient access controls (such as multifactor authentication and single sign-on) to verify the legitimacy of access requests and log-in attempts.

Increase business agility and user productivity with the broadest range of authentication solutions designed to provide secure and convenient mobile access for users.

Provides the broadest range of authentication capabilities, including new, easy-to-use mobile and biometrics-based authentication methods.

​Offers choice: End users can select which authentication method they prefer from an approved list.

Single sign-on to cloud, mobile and web-based applications ensures all of an organization’s identity domains are protected.

Applies the same highly secure access levels for SaaS and mobile applications that are already provided for traditional enterprise applications.

Proven technology: RSA SecurID Access protects 25,000 organizations and 55 million users.