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Join Us for Public Sector Day 2021

Join us for a day of laser-focus on the issues at the forefront of public sector IT today. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from government IT luminaries and industry executives as they share their experiences tackling the toughest challenges you face, from the cloud and the supply chain to ransomware and recruiting.

Whether you are with a federal agency or a city, county, or state government, Public Sector Day 2021 provides perspectives specific to your needs.


RSA SecurID® Access in the cloud

Long trusted by government for on-prem authentication, RSA is committed to supporting federal agencies and public sector organizations as they move to the cloud. With the sponsorship of the US Census Bureau, RSA SecurID Access has achieved FedRAMP in-process status, a critical step toward RSA securing access for government in the cloud with RSA’s Cloud Authentication Service.

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Identify and respond to operational, mission and digital risks with data-driven insights.

Manage risk

Public Sector compliance

Threat Detection and Response

Rapidly detect and respond to any threat—on devices, in the cloud or across your virtual ecosystem.

Stop threats

Identity and Access Management

Deliver convenient, secure access to employees, with assurance users are who they say they are and have appropriate access levels.

Secure access

Advisory Services

Ensure mission success with strategic consulting services, staff augmentations and acute incident response services.

Explore services

Connect security, risk and mission teams to mitigate risk

Connect security, risk and mission teams to mitigate risk

Federal, defense and intelligence agencies and state and local governments are advancing digital transformation to better serve constituents, protect the homeland, connect and engage citizens, and increase agency efficiency in pursuit of their missions. These innovations take advantage of robust technologies that are empowering communities and individuals to thrive in an evolving, digitally connected world.

Federal civilian

Federal civilian

RSA has served the US federal government for more than three decades to help support secure IT modernization.

State and local

State and local

RSA works with state and municipal government to help deliver services to constituents efficiently and securely.

Defense and intelligence

Defense and intelligence

RSA supports members of every military branch in their mission to secure the homeland and protect citizens at home and abroad.

Challenges impacting mission success in government

Digital transformation in the public sector is creating opportunities to increase interaction with citizens and constituents. With these opportunities come risks that must be addressed to realize the full potential of digital government.



As IT modernization drives agencies to rethink processes, technology and citizen engagement, the challenge is balancing improved service and security.



In today’s expanding threat landscape, government organizations face threats ranging from phishing attacks and ransomware to identity theft and cyber warfare.



Compliance with policies, directives and regulations impacts technology adoption, creating challenges in how digital transformation evolves to serve the public.

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