Protect Mobile Transactions

Mobile fraud accounts for 60 percent of total fraud and is expected to increase as banking transaction volumes grow in the mobile channel. Prevent mobile fraud and protect customers with an advanced authentication solution that offers the convenience users demand.

Featured Product

RSA Adaptive Authentication

A complete authentication and fraud detection platform that leverages risk-based, multifactor authentication to protect users accessing mobile browsers, mobile applications, websites and online portals.


  • ​Increase revenue, improve the customer experience and strengthen your brand reputation by creating a more secure mobile banking environment.

  • ​Accurate threat detection capabilities that cover more than 100 risk indicators and leverage a proprietary mobile risk scoring engine.

  • Proven platform that protects more than 500 million consumers worldwide.

  • ​Identify up to 95 percent of fraudulent mobile transactions with minimal customer challenge rates.

  • ​Offers a range of step-up authentication methods including biometrics, transaction signing, out-of-band authentication (e.g., voice, SMS or email message), knowledge-based authentication, and more.