Modernize Your Compliance Program

No matter where your organization stands on the spectrum of digital transformation or compliance maturity, the following recommendations can help you transition from spreadsheets to a modern, integrated approach to compliance.

Meet Regulatory Demands While Reducing Risk And Cost

Traditional compliance functions are buckling under the weight of global regulations designed to drive greater accountability for organizational risk, including digital risks like security and data privacy. In this environment, the critical role of compliance can’t be sustained with a check-the-box approach. 

Activities associated with digital transformation, such as IT modernization efforts or the creation of new platforms for interacting with customers, introduce compliance considerations that manifest more quickly and with more inherent risk. While regulations continue to rapidly change, a risk-based approach to compliance management is needed to keep pace with the increasing complexity of digital business.

Today’s Typical Approach To Operational Risk

  • Documenting regulatory obligations and understanding their impact on operations 
  • Recording compliance controls and procedures, and capturing and remediating control deficiencies
  • Periodically testing ongoing effectiveness of controls and remediating as necessary

Disruption Caused By Digital Transformation

  • Acceleration of regulatory compliance risk, from incident to impact to notification
  • Expanded digital consumer engagement drives heightened requirements around data privacy and use
  • Increased technology interdependencies across compliance requirements

Transforming To Manage Digital Risk

  • Implement a business-driven compliance management strategy that aligns resources with prioritized risks
  • Use an integrated platform for continuous risk management 
  • Automate processes for capturing changes in regulations and related business activity 
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Achieve Strategic Compliance

Sharpen your competitive edge by moving from reactive compliance to a risk-informed, opportunity-focused approach.

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How We Help Customers Modernize Their Compliance Programs

Products and services from the RSA® Business-Driven Security™ portfolio help you connect compliance efforts to a broader risk strategy—merging your risk, compliance and security efforts to not only meet compliance requirements, but also implement a sustainable approach to continuous compliance.