Modernize Your Compliance Program

Fulfill obligations while optimizing resources and minimizing cost

Common questions about compliance

Whatever your questions, you’ll find the answers among the products in the RSA portfolio.

  • Compliance leaders

    How do I decide which compliance obligations warrant the most resources?

    How can I stay on top of new and changing regulations and map them to control procedures?

  • Risk leaders

    How can I be sure my organization is managing compliance risk consistently with other risks?

  • IT and security leaders

    How can I demonstrate that my function is fulfilling its compliance obligations?

  • CEOs

    How can I be sure my organization is complying with all applicable laws and regulations, internal policies, and key customer and third-party contract obligations?

RSA Archer Suite helps you prioritize compliance resources and activities based on the amount of risk non-compliance creates for your organization. It also allows you to consolidate information from multiple regulatory bodies into a single, centralized and searchable repository so you can demonstrate compliance more easily while saving time and money.

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+1 million

+1 million

Number of restrictions in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Source: Mercatus Center, George Mason University



Growth in U.S. federal obligations between 1970 and 2016

Source: Mercatus Center, George Mason University



Expected growth in demand for compliance officers

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Compliance challenges in the digital era

Compliance challenges in the digital era

Going digital: Digital transformation often leads to new and unexpected compliance obligations, but it also provides opportunities to manage compliance more efficiently.

Agility: The speed and volume of digital processes increase organizations’ risk of material compliance failures. Consequently, some organizations are adopting risk-based methods for managing compliance risks on a continuous basis.

Proof: Given the size, scope and dynamic nature of compliance obligations, demonstrating compliance is increasingly difficult.

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Best practices for modernizing compliance

Best practices for modernizing compliance

Take a programmatic approach to identifying, cataloging, assessing, treating and monitoring compliance. Assess program performance continuously rather than periodically.

Employ a unified control framework to implement the “test once, satisfy many” concept for harmonizing multiple obligations and testing controls.

Establish a risk-based compliance program to prioritize the allocation of limited compliance resources to the most important obligations.

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Featured Customer

RSA Archer Suite streamlines compliance for regional bank

RSA Archer Suite streamlines compliance for regional bank

Martha Dean, senior vice president and director of operational risk and information security, explains how RSA Archer Suite has eased compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and other regulations for the $10 billion bank.

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Eastern Bank

The portfolio of RSA solutions

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Respond to risks proactively, with data-driven insights and a streamlined, fast time-to-value approach.

Manage risks

Evolved SIEM

Rapidly detect and respond to any threat on devices, in the cloud and across your virtual enterprise.

Detect threats

Identity and Access Management

Provide your users with convenient, secure access to any application—from the cloud to the ground—from any device.

Secure access

Omnichannel Fraud Prevention

Manage fraud and digital risks across omnichannel environments without impacting customers or transactions.

Prevent fraud