Manage Process Automation Risk

IoT, OT and other new technologies create new possibilities for automating processes to drive innovation and efficiency. But they also introduce new risks.

Unlock The Full Benefits Of Extended Automation

As organizations extend IoT, operational technology and other digital technologies into manual or analog business operations, they create new possibilities for automating processes to drive innovation and efficiency. But in adopting these emerging technologies, they trade traditional risks of operational failures (errors, mistakes, disruptions, etc.) for a new wave of often unforeseen risks. This shift may require changes in how to identify, assess, treat or monitor operational risk.

Operational risk is a familiar concept for most organizations, especially those that have processes in place to support business activities. Automation doesn’t create operational risk where there was none before. But it does introduce new kinds of risk, as well as transforming existing operational risk.

Today’s Typical Approach To Operational Risk

  • Cataloging business processes, strategies, product infrastructures and IT assets—mapping their interrelationships
  • Documenting and assessing operational risks of business processes 
  • Determining risk treatments to bring risk level within acceptable boundaries

Disruption Caused By Digital Transformation

  • IT risk exposure resulting from digital transformation of processes 
  • Vulnerabilities created by adoption of network-enabling operational technologies
  • Dramatic expansion of attack surface with limited ability to monitor and correlate events 

Transforming To Manage Digital Risk

  • Implement holistic operational risk management strategy to establish priorities 
  • Adopt digital processes to quickly identify, evaluate and treat risk  
  • Integrate digital risk management, targeting projects that rely on new technologies 
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Defend Against OT Attacks

Learn how managing risk across OT and IT domains can strengthen your defense against cyber attacks on OT systems.

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How We Help Customers Manage Process AUtomation Risk

Products and services from the RSA® Business-Driven Security™ portfolio help you connect siloed operational risk strategies to a broader risk management strategy—merging essential elements for managing the operational risk associated with transforming business into digital operations.