Evolve Data Governance and Privacy

Privacy risk is evolving. Your risk management program should, too.

Common questions about data governance and privacy risk

Whatever your questions, you’ll find the answers among the products in the RSA portfolio.

  • Security

    How do we identify sources of privacy risk and show stakeholders we are managing it commensurate with the level of risk?

    What controls should we have in place to prevent, detect and correct privacy breaches?

  • IT

    How do we ensure that privacy by design is incorporated into all IT activities?

  • Compliance

    How do we efficiently demonstrate compliance with all privacy rules, regulations and standards?

  • Risk

    How can we be sure our organization is managing privacy risk consistent with other risks?

  • CEO

    How do we demonstrate that we are fulfilling our privacy obligations when dealing with third parties?

Archer Suite’s risk-based approach enables you to understand and demonstrate where, why and how privacy risk is being managed. Working together with other products in the RSA portfolio, it allows you to establish controls commensurate with levels of privacy risk.

As part of the broad portfolio of RSA products that address privacy risk, NetWitness Platform helps organizations detect attacks that could lead to privacy breaches, as well as respond quickly to attacks and breaches to minimize their impact.

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SecurID Suite enables organizations to establish controls to prevent unauthorized access to private information, whether by employees, third-party organizations or non-employee contractors.

RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Suite delivers comprehensive fraud monitoring across a variety of transaction channels to help manage fraud-related privacy risk commensurate with the level of risk.

70% increase in records breached was recorded between H2 2017 and H1 2018.

Source: Breach Level Index, 2018 First Half Review

58% of 107 countries worldwide have data privacy legislation in place.

Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, March 27, 2019

85% of consumers say they will take their business elsewhere if they don’t trust a company is handling their data properly.

Source: Intelligence Series: Protect.me, PWC, 2017

The challenges of data governance and privacy in the digital era

The challenges of data governance and privacy in the digital era

Privacy by design: To demonstrate their digital initiatives aren’t inadvertently introducing privacy risk, organizations must operationalize privacy risk assessment and management.

Digital transformation: Knowing the location of sensitive data and vulnerabilities associated with it is critical for organizations undergoing digital transformation.

Proof of protection: Organizations must demonstrate to stakeholders they have an effective privacy risk management framework in place.

Best practices for managing data governance and privacy risk

Best practices for managing data governance and privacy risk

Establish processes to document how individuals’ information is handled, assess the associated risk and implement measures to protect data privacy.

Operationalize a process to evaluate the data privacy implications of digital initiatives, including when and how individuals’ information will be collected and used.

Utilize up-to-date technical measures to prevent, detect and respond to privacy-related incidents, including having robust resiliency in place.

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Business-level management of governance, risk and compliance requirements

Business-level management of governance, risk and compliance requirements

"We particularly valued the ability of RSA Archer Suite to support our compliance objectives while simultaneously improving overall performance; and we’re able to do this now without imposing restrictions on the organization."

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The portfolio of RSA solutions

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Treat data privacy risk comprehensively and proactively, with integrated capabilities for data governance, risk assessment and regulatory compliance.

Manage risk

Evolved SIEM

Evolved SIEM

Quickly detect and rapidly respond to threats to private data on devices, in the cloud and across your virtual enterprise.

Stop threats

Identity and Access Management

Balance security with user convenience as your organization addresses privacy risk and other identity-related digital risk management challenges.

Secure access

Omnichannel Fraud Prevention

Identify and manage fraud and digital risks across multiple transaction channels without compromising customers’ data privacy.

Prevent fraud