Evolve Data Governance & Privacy

Digital business accelerates the pace of data creation and consumption. Strong data governance and privacy practices allow you to exploit the value of data while minimizing security, privacy and compliance risks.

Ensure New Uses Of Data Don’t Open New Exposure

Organizations today are generating and managing more data than ever, lending credence to the idea that data is the fuel driving digital transformation. Ambitious digital initiatives create tremendous challenges not only in coping with the scale and scope of data, but also in understanding the value of different types of data and the protections required to manage data risk. 

Unfortunately, in most organizations, the pace of expanded collection and use of data is moving faster than the ability of governance to keep up. As the value of data to the business increases, so does the risk posed by poor governance and security policy. In response to the resulting security incidents, regulators are turning up the heat and enacting expanded compliance requirements.

Today’s Typical Approach To Operational Risk

  • Determining what data is important, where it is located and how it is used
  • Demonstrating compliance with a check-the-box approach
  • Focusing on internal controls without understanding business risk of compliance obligations

Disruption Caused By Digital Transformation

  • Data governance and security policies not keeping pace with evolving use of data
  • Data-driven business models adding to regulatory demands
  • Governance shortcomings revealed by growing interdependencies between business and data

Transforming To Manage Digital Risk

  • Catalog where information is processed, stored and transmitted
  • Implement systems and processes to manage risk and compliance as regulations and business activities change
  • Employ technical and non-technical risk treatments
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Do Right by Customers

Craft and refine a solid, sustainable data privacy policy by building on in-depth information about consumer concerns.

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How We Help Customers Evolve Data Governance & Privacy

Products and services from the RSA® Business-Driven Security™ portfolio provide the foundation for strong data governance and privacy practices that establish and apply clear risk-based controls around data, including proper governance and accountability for data, streamlined compliance processes to ensure privacy requirements are met, proper access control to data, and mechanisms to quickly identify any potential data compromise or loss.