Coordinate Business Resiliency

Digital transformation increases the odds your organization will experience some form of significant business disruption. Minimize the impact with a coordinated resiliency strategy.

Prepare Your Organization To Avoid Disruption

Organizations today must deal with a wide range of potential disruptions and crises—from massive data breaches to natural disasters to public relations nightmares. Many organizations struggle to respond effectively to business disruption, largely because their recovery efforts are siloed and narrowly focused. 

These challenges will intensify as organizations progress with digital transformation. Increased digitization of day-to-day operations makes organizations more vulnerable to disruptions like cyber attacks, network downtime and other technology failures. At the same time, digitization heightens expectations of 24x7 availability, while social media and increased compliance requirements invite intense scrutiny of even the smallest disruption. These trends make resiliency a greater priority than ever.

Today’s Typical Approach To Operational Risk

  • Mapping interdependencies between business processes, technologies and infrastructure
  • Performing business impact analyses to prioritize protection and recovery strategies 
  • Documenting and testing recovery plans for business operations and IT systems

Disruption Caused By Digital Transformation

  • Dramatic changes in how business processes link with expanded technology use
  • Increased risk of DDoS and other "availability attacks" as business processes extend to the internet
  • Increased pressure to maintain business functionality 24x7

Transforming To Manage Digital Risk

  • Integrate resiliency risk management with operational and enterprise risk management 
  • Align business resiliency, IT disaster recovery, crisis management and security priorities
  • Focus on preventive measures that build in resiliency

Be Prepared

Don’t let a technology outage, cyber attack or other unanticipated event derail your digital transformation.

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Be Proactive

Establish a robust plan for handling digital disruption, and remember: Recovery is reactive; resiliency is proactive.

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How We Help Customers Coordinate Business Resiliency

Products and services from the RSA® Business-Driven Security™ portfolio allow you to minimize the impact of a business disruption with a coordinated resiliency strategy.