Cybersecurity Training Programs

Take advantage of the many training programs we offer.

RSA Archer® GRC

Learn about the various RSA Archer solutions—including their capabilities; what to consider prior to implementing a specific RSA Archer solution; how to plan, configure and manage the RSA Archer GRC environment; and how to set up access controls and create dashboards and reports for users. Training is available for administrators, business users and end users.

RSA NetWitness® Suite

Master the skills needed to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats in your organization using the RSA NetWitness Suite. Led by expert instructors, our customized live and on-demand security training teaches analysts how to hunt for threats on the network and across endpoints; explains to administrators how to manage the NetWitness Suite environment; and gives content developers the ability to apply threat intelligence to their daily responsibilities.

RSA SecurID® Suite

Obtain the skills needed to automate the monitoring, certification, reporting and remediation of entitlements to ensure appropriate user access to systems. Through these online and classroom-based programs, RSA SecurID Access and RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle administrators will learn to deliver a streamlined request, approval and fulfillment process with embedded policy controls for their organization.

Security Awareness Training

The RSA Security Awareness Training Program is designed to increase users’ awareness of cybersecurity issues and to educate them on best practices for password security, mobile device security, email security and more. Specific training is also available for IT and software development staff so that they can begin building security into their daily tasks and responsibilities.


The RSA Certification Program provides technology professionals with the knowledge, skills, and credentials they need to deploy and maintain reliable enterprise security systems. The Certification Program is currently being revamped; exams will become available in early September 2017.


  • ​Increase the productivity and job satisfaction of your security team by providing them with career development opportunities through training.

  • ​Prevent employees from downloading malware, visiting malicious websites and falling for phishing schemes by educating them on the latest cyber threats.

  • ​Ensure your RSA products are properly implemented, configured and functioning optimally.

  • ​Improve your entire company’s “security hygiene” and inculcate a security culture and mindset across your enterprise.