• ​Define the vision and scope of your enterprise’s desired governance, risk and compliance program and monitor its progress as you build it out.

  • ​Evaluate existing processes and bring dependencies and redundancies to light.

  • ​Prioritize the implementation of business processes with the RSA Archer GRC Platform.

  • ​Maximize the short- and long-term value of your RSA Archer solutions.

  • ​Get all stakeholders involved in and committed to building the program.

  • ​Identify integration points among enterprise systems and governance, risk and compliance solutions.

  • ​Gauge the effectiveness of new and long-standing GRC programs and chart future phases of work.


  • Structured Process

    RSA Risk Management Practice certified consultants will take you through a six phase process that includes planning, discovery, analysis, architecture, scheduling and publishing.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration

    The RSA Risk Management Practice team collaborates with internal stakeholders across your enterprise to understand current business processes, path points, workflows and dependencies.