RSA Archer® GRC Hardware Sizing & Performance Health Check

RSA Risk Management Practice

Does your RSA Archer GRC solution have the horsepower necessary to support the features and functionality offered in the latest RSA Archer software releases? The RSA Archer GRC Hardware Sizing and Performance Health Check service evaluates your current RSA Archer GRC platform configuration and recommends improvements so that your organization can realize the full value of its investment.



Consistent Delivery Framework

The RSA Archer GRC Hardware Sizing and Performance Health Check service employs a service delivery framework based on industry best practices. We help you define business and infrastructure requirements and design a solution that meets your organization’s needs.



Deliverables include an evaluation of your current/planned state; future state diagrams; a gap analysis of your current vs. desired state; and recommendations to achieve the desired state.


Performance Assessment

During the service engagement, your professional services staff will assess your environment to determine if it can meet your organization’s business requirements for use of your RSA Archer solution over the next two-to-three years. This sizing exercise checks various attributes including current and planned states, performance tuning factors and external vendor interfaces.


Find out whether your existing RSA Archer GRC platform implementation can meet the demands of your current business environment and future objectives.

Maximize your investment in your RSA Archer GRC platform and make sure you’re capturing value from the latest RSA Archer software features.

​Identify gaps, risks and issues in your current environment and get recommendations on changes you can quickly implement to improve performance and value.

"It was not only me personally who thought the Archer solution was the best. The users also rated Archer higher than every other solution... All together they said that they felt RSA Archer was the best tool for us and that it was the best one we could implement in a short time."
​Jan Jans
Control & Compliance Officer


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