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RSA Risk Frameworks are a new professional services offering from the RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice. Designed to help organizations tackle some of the most complex and fastest-moving risks emerging from digital business practices, the service encompasses two main offerings: in-depth assessments of an organization’s risk management maturity across four areas (cyber incident risk, data privacy risk, third-party risk and business resiliency risk), plus a detailed roadmap for maturing an organization's practices across these domains.

RSA Risk Frameworks are rooted in industry standards including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.1, COBIT 5, the FAIR methodology, and others, as well as decades’ worth of work helping clients. We’ve combined all this work into RSA Risk Frameworks so you can be sure you’re measuring your organization against rigorous standards and best practices.

What's Your Cyber Risk Maturity?

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What Is Digital Risk Management?

Digital risk frequently refers to the unwanted, and typically unexpected, outcomes that stem from digital transformation, digital business processes and adoption of related technologies. These outcomes may include cybersecurity risks, third-party risks, business continuity risks and data privacy risks. Digital risk management, then, refers to the practice of identifying, monitoring and mitigating these risks. According to the Digital Risk Management Institute, digital risk management is the next evolution in enterprise risk management, and it seeks to build resiliency into an organization’s systems and processes, such that an organization can better detect and mitigate these risks.

RSA Digital Risk

Modern Risk Management Frameworks

RSA Risk Frameworks can assess your organization's maturity across the following four areas:

Cyber Incident Risk

The RSA Risk Framework for Cyber Incident Risk benchmarks your organization’s ability to detect and defend itself against sophisticated attacks. It’s designed to assess and improve your organization’s maturity across the core NIST Cybersecurity Framework processes of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Data Privacy Risk

The RSA Risk Framework for Data Privacy assesses your organization’s data privacy practices and provides recommendations for improving controls. The goal of this RSA Risk Framework is to ease compliance with data privacy regulations, help you stay up to date on important regulatory changes, and help you safeguard the personal data your organization handles. 

Third-Party Risk

The RSA Risk Framework for Third-Party Risk can help your organization develop a strategy for proactively managing the risks associated with the vendors, suppliers and service providers your business depends on.

Business Resiliency Risk

The RSA Risk Framework for Business Resiliency examines the risks and assumptions your business resiliency plan is built around, as well as your organization’s ability to survive a crisis event, such as a ransomware attack.

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RSA Risk Framework for Cyber Incident Risk

This white paper explores how organizations can apply the RSA Risk Framework for Cyber Incident Risk to mature and optimize their strategy for handling cyber incidents.

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Data Sheet

RSA Risk Framework for Cyber Incident Risk

This two-page document provides an overview of the RSA Risk Framework for Cyber Incident Risk, including its benefits and the challenges it’s designed to address.

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Take Control of Digital Risk

Take Control of Digital Risk

RSA Risk Frameworks clarify specific steps your organization can take—across people, process and technology—to enhance its strategy for managing digital risk.

Leverage a Trusted Partner

Leverage a Trusted Partner

More than 30,000 organizations worldwide trust RSA® Business-Driven Security™ solutions to help them address their most intractable cybersecurity and risk management challenges.

Improve Planning and Performance

Improve Planning and Performance

By providing an in-depth assessment of your organization’s digital risk maturity and a customized roadmap for improvement, RSA Risk Frameworks help you prioritize activity and investment.

Benchmark Your Organization

Benchmark Your Organization

By completing the digital risk maturity assessment, you can benchmark your organization against peers and accepted industry frameworks like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Embrace Digital Risk

Legacy approaches to risk management aren’t suited to the challenges of managing today’s complex and rapidly-changing digital risks. Let the experienced members of the RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice guide you on this journey. Contact the RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice to get started.