Proactive Cyber Threat Detection Services

​RSA Incident Response Practice

If you can detect leading indicators of a cyber attack, it’s possible to stop the attack before it turns into a full blown data breach or disrupts mission critical systems. The RSA Incident Response Practice provides access to expert resources who can help you identify even the most sophisticated cyber attacks in their earliest stages.


IR Discovery

IR Discovery

Members of the RSA Incident Response Practice use RSA Netwitness® Packets and RSA NetWitness Endpoint to uncover potentially malicious activity. Deliverables from our IR Discovery service include a findings report that recommends specific remediation activities for each threat identified.

IR Jumpstart

IR Jumpstart

Optimize your investments in RSA NetWitness Logs & Packets and RSA NetWitness Endpoint by working hand-in-hand with the RSA Incident Response Practice to conduct cyber threat detection and analysis activities. This service includes critical knowledge transfer and is available on an ongoing, subscription basis.

Incident Response Retainer

Incident Response Retainer

The RSA Incident Response Retainer provides you with an accelerated process for engaging RSA’s incident response team when you suspect a compromise. Services include initial incident triage and analysis to determine the nature and scope of the compromise.


Reduce your risk of experiencing a damaging cyber attack or data breach with proactive cyber threat detection capabilities.

​Access a team of experienced professionals trained in the most advanced technologies who know what to look for.

​Equip your security organization to identify advanced cyber threats that bypass traditional security defenses such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software.

Leverage the power of RSA’s industry-leading tools for advanced cyber threat detection and its vast cyber threat intelligence network to uncover new, never-seen-before and targeted attack methods, and to quickly assess the scope and potential impact of threats.

RSA has been recognized for its strength in security for many years, and it's a trusted partner of ours.

​Rasmus Theede
Corporate VP Group Security

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