Incident Response Services

RSA Incident Response Practice

When you suspect or find out that your security infrastructure has been compromised, the RSA Incident Response Practice can help you quickly triage, contain and remediate the breach.


IR Retainer

IR Retainer

The RSA Incident Response Retainer provides you with an accelerated process for engaging RSA’s incident response team when you suspect a compromise. Services include initial incident triage and analysis to determine the nature and scope of the breach.

IR Rapid Deploy

IR Rapid Deploy

Using RSA NetWitness® Packets and RSA NetWitness Endpoint, the IR Rapid Deploy service provides organizations with access to the leading threat detection tools and consultants in the industry. Customized options include comprehensive forensic and malware analysis to scope the nature, extent and impact of a breach.


Develop an effective breach remediation plan based on a definitive analysis of the nature and scope of the attack.

Eradicate threats and prevent attackers from maintaining a persistent presence on your network.

Limit the financial, operational and reputational impact of a cyber attack with swift, sure cyber incident response and triage services.

​Gain access to an accomplished team of cybersecurity analysts, forensic investigators and incident responders when you need them most. This team has repeatedly faced the most advanced threats and proven itself across industries, in the most rigorous business environments and for some of the largest companies.

RSA NetWitness is my best colleague because it provides the correct information—not just data…It has completely changed our approach to security.

​Stefano Plantemoli
Security Manager

Italian Ministry of the Interior
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