Identity Assurance Services

RSA Identity Assurance Practice

The RSA Identity Assurance practice helps organizations pursue growth objectives while reducing identity-related security risks. Improve your organization’s ability to identify malicious access requests and prevent unauthorized log-in attempts. Bridge the “islands of identity” that have popped up across your organization that create complexity and risk.



RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Practice

RSA advocates for a governance-based identity strategy that gives organizations visibility into their entire identity landscape. With the knowledge of who has access to what, companies can make intelligent access decisions. The RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Practice includes senior solution architects and consultants who can help you structure a governance approach for managing identities across your extended enterprise.


RSA SecurID® Access Practice

Since the majority of data breaches stem from weak, stolen or otherwise compromised credentials, the ability to consistently and reliably authenticate users and control access to applications and data is critical to any identity program. The RSA SecurID Access Practice has decades of experience helping some of the most security-conscious companies and government agencies maintain stringent control over access to critical systems.


​Reduce your organization’s risk of insider threats and cyber attacks caused by external actors using compromised credentials to steal data or disrupt business operations.

Embrace cloud-based and SaaS applications knowing only authorized users have access to these systems and the data contained in them.

Ensure users seamlessly receive appropriate access to the resources they need to do their jobs at the speed the business demands, thereby improving employee productivity and effectiveness.

​Shrink identity as an attack vector by coordinating access management, identity governance and identity lifecycle activities.

​Partner with third parties with confidence knowing you have effective controls in place to govern their access

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