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RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice

A security operations program can enhance business resilience by providing a dedicated function for accelerating threat detection and cyber incident response. The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice can help you staff, design and implement the processes, procedures and technologies required for an advanced security operations center.




Deliverables include SOC Design Reports and Run Books tailored specifically to your organization’s unique requirements. They address staffing and organizational models; processes, procedures and workflows; and tools and technologies (not just RSA).


Cyber Incident Response Framework

The incident response procedures we recommend are in line with those articulated in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework


Use Case Framework

The RSA Use Case Framework ensures you’ve adequately identified business risks and the controls required to mitigate them. It considers the purpose and goal of controls, the stakeholders responsible for control monitoring, logic and data requirements for controls, controls testing, and response procedures.

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Organizational Model

We identify required roles, skills and certifications, and we design org charts and shift charts to ensure seamless hand-off and escalation processes. Knowing the shortage of cybersecurity talent remains an ongoing challenge for organizations, we offer residency services where consultants from the RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice complement your in-house resources for extended periods of time.


Key Engagement Activities

The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice conducts interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to zero in on current and desired capabilities and identify the people, process and technology requirements for your security operations center. The practice also performs and documents a thorough technology review.


​Improve your ability to detect and respond to targeted cyber attacks by synchronizing the people, processes and technology that collectively comprise a security operations center.

​Gain the ability to identify and stop cyber attacks in their earliest stages, before they disrupt business operations or result in stolen data.

​Obtain detailed recommendations for a systems architecture model (including technical and operational specs and capabilities), an organizational and staffing model, and a cyber incident response program for your security operations center.

​Learn what sources of information to capture and what signs to look for to better detect targeted attacks against your organization while eliminating redundant and non-relevant data.

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