Accelerate Cyber Incident Response

​RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice

The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice can help your security organization develop the processes, procedures, workflows and automation that facilitate a prompt, decisive response to data breaches and other cyber incidents.


Cyber Incident and Data Breach Response Planning

Cyber Incident and Data Breach Response Planning

The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense Practice helps organizations develop an incident response plan that coordinates response activities and procedures across an enterprise and enhances the overall effectiveness of an organization’s security program.

Cyber Incident Response Workflow and Automation

Cyber Incident Response Workflow and Automation

Given the limited amount of time organizations have to prevent an initial compromise from turning into a data breach, developing documented response procedures is critical to rapid triage and remediation. The RSA Advanced Cyber Defense team works with customers to identify priority use cases and automate processes and procedures with IT ticketing systems and incident response management systems (such as RSA NetWitness® SecOps Manager).

Cyber Incident and Data Breach Response Tabletop Exercises

Cyber Incident and Data Breach Response Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises let organizations test the efficiency and effectiveness of their cyber incident response plan in a safe, controlled environment. Organizations can extend the scope of these exercises to engage a broader community of cross-functional stakeholders, such as IT, legal counsel, marketing communications and senior management.


​Improve your organization’s ability to defend itself against and respond to advanced cyber threats.

Work with a team of global security practitioners who each have 10+ years of hands-on experience.

Automate incident response processes and workflows.

​Implement best practices for incident response drawn from our experience remediating data breaches and working with hundreds of clients to shore up their security operations centers.

​Integrate critical business stakeholders (e.g., CEO, legal counsel, PR, HR, etc.) into overall cyber incident response activities and develop procedures that address the needs of customers and others impacted by a data breach.

Reduce the amount of time your organization is exposed to a data breach or other compromise by complementing in-house expertise with RSA resources.


Solution Briefs
  • Business-Driven Security - RSA NetWitness Threat Detection & Response You have a lot of options if you’re implementing or augmenting a threat detection and response program. There are many viable vendors and options, and some fairly diverse approaches to the process. At RSA, our view is clear. We espouse the idea of Business-Driven Security – integrating security as a core part of your business. We believe this approach improves security in two important dimensions. It makes security teams more operationally effective and empowers teams to more strategically manage security risks. Business-Driven Security is an important evolution in the way organizations think about protecting their IT infrastructure, driven by rapid changes inside and outside an organization, and the fact that legacy approaches to security have become far less effective
  • Incident Response Services and Your Security Strategy Organizations are beginning to understand the role incident response plays in their broader cybersecurity strategy: The faster they can respond to a threat, the sooner they can recover from it and limit its business impact. Yet many organizations lack adequate internal resources to bolster their incident response capabilities. In this webinar, RSA and a guest speaker from Forrester Research, senior analyst Josh Zelonis, discuss the incident response services landscape. The panelists also describe situations in which it makes sense to retain a third-party incident response services provider, and RSA incident responders share their real-world experiences tackling some of the most complex cybersecurity challenges.
  • Understanding Hacker TTPs This video explores hacker tactics, techniques and procedures. As these get more complex, it's important that organizations become more sophisticated with threat detection and response capabilities.
  • RSA on Insider Threat and ATM Malware Watch RSA Researcher and Principal Consultant, Jared Myer give an update on ATM Malware. He will discuss insider threats.

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