Advisory Services

Strategic Consulting Services from the RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice

Advisory services from the RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Practice put you in a strong position to weather the risks associated with digital transformation. Our technical and strategic advisory consultants apply their combined decades of experience working across industries to improve your organization’s risk and security posture.

Our Offerings

We can assess your organization’s capabilities for managing a wide variety of digital risks, indicate where you have gaps, and apply financial and business impact analysis to ensure your cybersecurity strategy is aligned to your business and risk objectives.

Digital Risk Maturity Assessments

Benchmark your capabilities for mitigating cyber attack risk, managing third-party and dynamic workforce risks, and for securing your cloud transformation against industry standards and best practices. Identify gaps in capabilities and chart a path for improvement.

Cyber Risk Planning

Ensure your global cyber risk management program is aligned to the latest threats your company is encountering. Quantify the cyber risks your organization faces to improve the accuracy of your risk register, create or update your cyber risk plan, and develop a roadmap for success.

Cyber Strategy & Roadmap

Enhance your company's cybersecurity maturity using quantitative, impact analysis-driven strategies. Expand your cybersecurity maturity while ensuring your security investment decisions are aligned to your organization’s most pressing risks.

M&A Cybersecurity Due Diligence

Minimize opportunities for inheriting security risks as your organization prepares for a merger or acquisition. Limit risk exposure from cybercriminals when your organization is most vulnerable and minimize your chances of acquiring unforeseen security risks once the transaction is complete.

Virtual CISO Services

Augment your organization’s cybersecurity leadership capabilities during a transition period or by assisting your current CISO. RSA can help you bolster this most critical cybersecurity position by providing access to our own executives who have real-world CISO experience.

Cyber Risk Process Readiness

Identify opportunities to improve your company's integrated risk management, governance and compliance programs. Leverage industry standards to align processes and policies with your business’s risks.

What's Your Cyber Risk Maturity?

Rate your cyber risk maturity with our online self-assessment tool and take the first step toward strengthening your organization’s risk posture.

RSA Risk Frameworks

In-depth assessments of your organization’s digital risk management maturity based on rigorous industry standards and best practices.

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