Incident Response and Cyber Defense Services

Stay a step ahead of cyber threats with RSA

Be ready to beat today’s sophisticated threats

Be ready to beat today’s sophisticated threats

The RSA Incident Response and Cyber Defense Practice can help ensure you’re ready to identify cyber threats fast and to defend against them on an ongoing basis. Our team enables your organization to reduce business risk and improve overall security posture by identifying, mitigating and eradicating threats, advancing risk management programs and fulfilling compliance requirements.

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Reduce threat impacts and improve business resilience

Incident Discovery

The RSA incident response team uses RSA NetWitness® Packets and RSA NetWitness Endpoint to proactively uncover potentially malicious activity. Deliverables include specific remediation activities for each threat identified.

Incident Response Jumpstart

Optimize your investments in RSA NetWitness Platform by working hand-in-hand with the RSA incident response team to conduct cyber threat detection and analysis.

Incident Response Rapid Deploy

To minimize damage from a breach, count on a partner with experience investigating and responding to the most sophisticated cyber attacks, close ties to law enforcement and battle-tested processes and tools, including RSA NetWitness for packet capture and in-depth analysis.

Incident Response Retainer

Enjoy rapid access to top-tier security analysts from RSA who will help reduce the dwell time of attackers and mitigate the impact of an incident by leveraging the RSA NetWitness platform and third-party solutions being used by the customer.

Controlled Attack and Response Exercise

Get a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s capabilities to respond to a real-world attack scenario and recommendations on how to improve them, including the use of RSA NetWitness (if applicable) and third-party solutions being used in the organization.

Security Operations Program Development

RSA uses a repeatable and sustainable service delivery framework for transforming reactive security programs and maximizing advanced operational capabilities for XDR (extended detection and response).

Strategy & Roadmap for Security Operations

The Strategy and Roadmap service measures current capabilities and maturity levels. Customers receive a remediation roadmap to future-proof their SOC program with solution recommendations that include SIEM and XDR.