Advisory and Assessment Services

Mature your ability to manage digital risk with RSA

Get actionable guidance to strengthen digital risk management

Get actionable guidance to strengthen digital risk management

Assess your organization’s capabilities for managing a wide variety of digital risks. Then get a clear, actionable roadmap for improving your digital risk management maturity and for closing the security gaps introduced by digital transformation. RSA Risk & Cybersecurity Advisory Practice services deliver business outcomes and address cyber risk planning and maturity measurement, cybersecurity strategy, risk management, M&A due diligence, virtual CISO and more.

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RSA Risk Frameworks

Align cybersecurity strategy with business and risk objectives

Cyber Incident Risk

This risk framework benchmarks the ability to detect and defend against sophisticated attacks. It’s designed to assess and improve maturity across core NIST Cybersecurity domains (identify, protect, defend and recover).

Dynamic Workforce Risk

This risk framework helps organizations implement programs to identify and mitigate risks associated with an explosion of work modalities, employee types, generational styles and diverse toolsets.

Third-Party Risk

This risk framework helps organizations develop strategies for proactively identifying and continuously mitigating the risks associated with the vendors, suppliers and service providers your business depends on.

Multi-Cloud Risk

This risk framework, targeting risks arising from IT deployments on cloud, hybrid and virtualized infrastructure, helps organizations develop programs and processes to address the increased complexity of cloud-based ecosystems.

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