Webcasts December 04, 2017

Your Journey to the Cloud: Challenges & Keys to Securing the Trip

Each organization’s journey to the cloud is unique, but those journeys are more frequently being driven by business rather than technology needs. Consequently, security teams are put in an awkwardly reactive posture. The momentum driving organization’s deeper into the cloud, coupled with the need to secure a hybrid cloud and on-prem environment, present distinct challenges and threats. So what are the implications for security and what does the future hold? 

Join Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO at RSA, for a discussion about the future of the cloud and what it will take to secure it. He covers: 

  • How to address and minimize the reactive security posture that cloud computing is creating 
  • How to live in a hybrid cloud world – the need for hybrid-friendly cloud security solutions 
  • The threat landscape in the cloud, including the types of attacks RSA is seeing, who’s responsible for securing data in the public cloud, and the visibility required to detect and respond to these threats 

View this webinar on-demand and you’ll come away feeling more secure about your path on the cloud journey.