Translating Security Leadership Into Board Value

Download this easy-to-read infographic on the CISO-board relationship. Geared toward both CISOs and directors of corporate boards, the infographic (a companion piece to a more in-depth report) lays out five specific actions each party can take to improve communication and collaboration while advancing a Business-Driven Security™ agenda that minimizes cyber risk and protects what matters most.


Much has been written about the CISO-board relationship in recent years, but this infographic—based on a longer report from the Security for Business Innovation Council—summarizes insights and advice from esteemed security leaders at Fortune 500 companies who’ve developed collaborative relationships with their boards of directors. The full report goes in depth on the CISO-board relationship and explains how CISOs and board members can work together to improve governance of cyber risk and align cybersecurity investment with an organization’s broader risk appetite and business objectives. CISOs and board members will gain:

  • Practical tips for improving their relationship and dialog.
  • Data on other organizations’ maturity levels around corporate governance of cybersecurity.
  • A deeper understanding of the power of a Business-Driven Security approach.