Translating Security Leadership Into Board Value

Register to download this forward-thinking report on cybersecurity and corporate governance. Geared toward both CISOs and directors of corporate boards, the report explains specific actions each party can take to advance a Business-Driven Security™ agenda that minimizes cyber risk and protects what matters most. CISOs will get tips for building trust with the board, and board members will learn ways to develop their cybersecurity acumen.


This report from the Security for Business Innovation Council summarizes insights and advice from esteemed security leaders at Fortune 500 companies who’ve successfully advanced the conversation around cybersecurity and corporate governance inside their enterprises. The report explains how CISOs and board members can collaborate to improve governance of cyber risk and align cybersecurity investment with an organization’s broader risk appetite and business objectives. CISOs and board members will gain:

  • Practical tips for improving their dialog.
  • Data on other organizations’ maturity levels around corporate governance of cybersecurity.
  • A deeper understanding of the power of a Business-Driven Security approach.