Data & Spec Sheet May 01, 2016

RSA Incident Discovery and Response Services

The need for strong cyber security and threat management has never been greater than it is today. Public and private enterprises face a growing risk of compromise from hackers, targeted attack adversaries and fraudsters. Due to a reliance on security strategies and infrastructure implemented for yesterday’s threats, organizations are unprepared to counteract the attacks designed specifically to undermine traditional security defense mechanisms.


The RSA® Incident Discovery, Incident Response Rapid Deploy and Incident Retainer services provide organizations with tactical insight into activities taking place on their systems. They also facilitate surge access to resources and expertise when anomalous activities are suspected or detected. Through the capture and analysis of live network traffic and host data using the award-winning RSA NetWitness® Logs and Packets and RSA NetWitness Endpoint, expert analysts review the overall state of the environment and identify areas of concern.