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Business Success in a Dark Market: An Inside Look at How the Fraud Underground Operate

The business of online fraud has developed into a sophisticated underground criminal operation that continues to evolve everyday. Much like a real-world business, fraud “entrepreneurs” offer products and services for a profit, they fight to gain competitive advantage and market share, are continually innovating to improve their offerings and meet the needs of customers, and are affected by the laws of supply and demand.


Online fraud has changed from hackers trying to steal email passwords from America Online users to a far more menacing criminal enterprise, with bands of fraudsters working together to create schemes that dupe unsuspecting online users into divulging their personal details. And while the complexity and sophistication of online attacks continue to grow, even more alarming are their numbers and the loss to organizations and individuals.

This white paper will examine how the fraudster underground operates, the intricate supply chain that supports it, and how it continues to evolve.