RSA Netwitness® SecOps Manager

As companies increasingly deploy security operations centers, they face myriad challenges managing these functions. Here’s a closer look at how RSA NetWitness SecOps manager can help you run your security operations center.

No Wonder Attacks are So Damaging -  Only 30% of organizations have formal cyber incident response plans in place

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RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager

RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager provides the orchestration and alignment to better investigate and respond to security incidents.

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RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager

Get the details on the core features of RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager, which facilitates incident response, breach response and SOC program management.

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Includes workflows for developing remediation, containment and breach response plans, along with a built-in "response procedure library" that documents incident response and breach response-related processes and protocols.


Event Escalation

Aggregates alerts/events into incidents and escalates them to next-level analysts as appropriate. Tracks breach notifications and call trees.


IT Help Desk Integration

Can be customized to integrate with IT help desk systems.


Forensic Investigations

Forensic analysis capability allows analysts to collect different artifacts, such as suspicious data, memory data and suspicious network connections during investigations.


Allows you to manage your security operations center as a consistent, repeatable business process. 

Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center and incident response capability by centralizing alerts from different security monitoring systems, prioritizing security investigations and responses based on business risk, and automating incident management workflows. 

Provides a view of all new and existing incidents through the analyst dashboard. 

Provides quantitative data about your organization's cybersecurity posture that you can share with top executives and that can help you make a compelling business case for budget increases or operational improvements. 

Gives CISOs instant visibility into their environments on a moment-to-moment basis, improving their ability to answer ad-hoc queries from business stakeholders in minutes. 

Adds business context to security incidents so that analysts can understand an incident's impact on business operations. 


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