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Today's cyber threats are designed to circumvent traditional endpoint security solutions. To protect your organization from advanced threats, you need to see everything on the endpoint. You need the deep visibility, continuous endpoint monitoring, behavioral-based detection and advanced analytics that RSA NetWitness Endpoint uniquely provides. Here's a closer look at our solution.

Log-Focused SIEMs Miss Major Threats - 99% of successful cyber attacks go undiscovered by internal log review

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RSA NetWitness Endpoint

Find out how RSA NetWitness Endpoint helps to detect known, unknown and non-malware threats that other endpoint security solutions miss entirely. Discover how it can help you reduce attacker dwell time and accelerate threat response.

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Multiple Threat Detection Techniques

Continuous endpoint monitoring and machine learning deliver endpoint behavioral analytics, insight into suspicious user events, live memory analysis, direct physical disk inspection and endpoint state assessment.


Intelligent Risk Scoring

Conducts multiple checks of file and process legitimacy (including certificate validation) to determine with high confidence that a file is actually malicious.


Forensic Data, On Demand

Maintains a global repository of all suspicious files analyzed from endpoints to better preserve forensic integrity; permits security teams to obtain memory and process dumps.


Whitelisting, Blacklistening and Threat Intelligence

Leverages powerful aggregated whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities as well as community- and expert-based threat intelligence to rapidly score and flag suspicious endpoint activity.


Facilitates Customization

Features extensive customization and extensibility capabilities to work with any organization: Analysts can customize any of the 300+ behavioral indicators included in the solution. They can also incorporate YARA rules and import STIX data to further identify and classify threats. Integrations are possible with the RSA NetWitness Endpoint API.


A Force Multiplier in the RSA Netwitness Suite

Transforms endpoint visibility into metadata that is tightly integrated into the analyst workflows of the RSA NetWitness Suite for unified threat detection and response across network and endpoints.


Delivers deeper visibility into endpoint behavior and activity than other solutions, providing unmatched access and insight into all the files, processes and events running on endpoints.

Instantly identifies all infected endpoints, providing visibility into the full scope of an attack and allowing security teams to isolate endpoints and then contain and fully eradicate threats.

Accelerates time-to-value for organizations through a unified taxonomy that correlates RSA NetWitness Suite metadata in real time across endpoints, logs and packets.

Reduces attacker dwell time by rapidly detecting and identifying new, unknown and “file-less” (non-malware) threats.

Enables three times faster incident response times by giving security teams all the data they need to accelerate forensic investigations and respond to threats including timely, advanced threat research from RSA Research.

Provides thorough, trustworthy analysis through advanced machine learning across multiple technologies.


Data Sheet

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Whether your security monitoring program is in a formative or advanced stage, the RSA Advanced Cyber Defense and Incident Response teams can help your organization improve its ability to detect, investigate and respond to threats.

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Solution Brief

RSA NetWitness Suite Solution Brief

Find out how RSA NetWitness Suite provides pervasive visibility across a modern IT infrastructure, enabling better and faster detection, investigation and response to security incidents.

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