3X Threat Detection & Response

3X More Visibility

RSA Netwitness Suite facilitates the most comprehensive response to advanced cyber attacks by collecting log, packet and endpoint data and then enriching this data in real-time to provide a true picture of business risk.

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3X Faster Incident Response

RSA NetWitness Suite enables the fastest response to advanced attacks, allowing security teams to head off cyber threats before they can damage the business. Community threat intelligence and behavioral analytics speed detection and provide the deepest understanding of attacks. The combined capabilities of RSA NetWitness Suite arm security teams to detect and respond to cyber threats in minutes, rather than days, weeks or months.

3X the Impact of Your Existing Security Team

Empower your security team with tools that amplify their impact and improve their effectiveness. Learn how automated analytics, such as those offered by RSA NetWitness Suite, can help your existing security analysts work more efficiently and can help you close resource and skill gaps.


I felt that the…SIEM tool, RSA NetWitness Logs & Packets, has helped the various analysts handle the incidents with ease. After asking the analysts they felt that the security tool helped speed up the process of analysis by nearly 2 to 3 times faster.

Anonymous Customer

If the customer had RSA NetWitness Suite installed they would’ve been able to identify the attack immediately instead of 9 months later.

Justin Lamarre,

Principal Security Analyst @ Dell CSIRT

RSA NetWitness Endpoint reduced our malware analysis by 50 hours. One scan narrowed the threats down to a handful of files for us to review. We were trawling through thousands before.

RSA Incident Response Team

Ready to Give Cyber Threats that
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Cyber threats are no match for RSA NetWitness Suite, the heavyweight champion for threat detection and response. Contact us today to see a demo.




*Based on data vs. comparable products