• ​Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center and cyber incident response capability by centralizing alerts from different security monitoring systems, prioritizing security investigations and responses based on business risk, and automating incident management workflows.

  • ​Adds business context to security incidents so analysts can understand an incident’s impact on business operations.

  • ​Gives CISOs instant visibility into their environments on a moment-to-moment basis, improving their ability to answer ad-hoc queries from business stakeholders in minutes.

  • ​Provides quantitative data about your company’s cybersecurity posture that you can share with top executives and that can help you make a compelling business case for budget increases or operational improvements.


  • Orchestrates Three Fundamental Activities

    Cyber incident response, breach response and security operations center program management.

  • Supports Business-Driven Security

    Integrates with RSA Archer Enterprise Management to match alerts with specific business assets, such as a finance database, and to define the criticality of each asset to business operations.

  • Customizable, Role-Based User Interface

    Presents incident data, investigations and reports in multiple formats that security teams can customize by role or function (analyst, incident responder, security operations center manager, CISO) to match their workflows.

  • One Consolidated Platform

    Uses standard protocols to aggregate alerts and incidents from RSA NetWitness Logs & Packets, RSA NetWitness Endpoint and other security monitoring systems into an intuitive, real-time dashboard.

  • Structured, Automated Workflows

    Aligns with industry standards from NIST, US-CERT, SANS and VERIS.

  • Flexible, Customizable Deployment

    Scale your implementation up or down depending on your organization’s needs.

Use Cases

RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager brings consistency, coordination and focus to your security operations center. It provides a centralized SIEM and cyber incident response platform that aggregates and prioritizes alerts from multiple security systems, easing burdens on overwhelmed analysts and incident response teams. It also incorporates industry standards and best practices for cyber incident management that streamline workflows and promote thorough incident response.

RSA NetWitness SecOps Manager gives you the ability to continuously measure, analyze and report on specific cyber risks and vulnerabilities in your environment, arming you with hard data and insights you can bring to board-level discussions.