• ​Reduce business risk using the trusted, reliable access controls provided by single sign-on to validate users’ identities and assure they are who they say they are.

  • ​Give business line managers and applications owners the ability to easily enroll their applications and quickly provision access to users while maintaining compliance with enterprise security policies.

  • Proven technology: RSA SecurID Access protects more than 25,000 organizations and 55 million users.

  • ​Provides secure access to authorized users, from anywhere, to any system.

  • ​Apply consistent and centrally enforced contextual access policies to efficiently configure access for users based on their business area, location, application sensitivity, session and network information, and device type.


  • Identity Assurance

    RSA SecurID Access validates the legitimacy of access attempts by looking at certain characteristics of users—including (but not limited to) a user’s role, location, session and network information, and device type. It then considers the risk associated with the asset the user is trying to access, and based on those factors, RSA SecurID Access makes a real-time, risk-based authentication decision.

  • For Any User, From Anywhere

    Deliver secure access to all your applications—not through a VPN but through a web-based portal users can access from anywhere in the world.

  • Administration Portal

    An easy-to-manage administration portal makes it easy to point to the web-based and SaaS connectors you need to quickly populate the portal with the applications that drive your business. Users can access the portal with their Active Directory passwords.

  • Security, Convenience and Speed

    Applies the same highly secure access levels for SaaS and mobile apps that are already provided for traditional enterprise applications. Speeds user access to on-premises and SaaS applications with a frictionless user experience that adheres to enterprise security policies.

  • Apply Business-Driven Security to Access Decisions

    Govern access using context-based policies that look at the application a user is trying to reach, the location of the user and more. Riskier situations can require a user to provide additional “step up” authentication.