RSA SecurID Access Bundle

Deliver secure and convenient user authentication everywhere with an RSA SecurID Access Bundle (formerly known as RSA SecurID/RSA Authentication Manager).. You’ll have the essentials for getting started with trusted, best-in-class multifactor authentication technology from RSA.

RSA SecurID Access is your command center for securing access to your most sensitive applications. Companies use RSA SecurID Access to regain control of a disrupted perimeter with strong, secure access and single sign-on to the leading Web and SaaS applications, native mobile apps and legacy resources (including VPNs, firewalls, virtual desktops and Windows or Linux servers).

RSA SecurID tokens let you offer authentication choices that fit your users best. In any form factor, you get RSA strong authentication that already protects more than 25,000 unique deployments worldwide.

This bundle includes:

  • RSA SecurID Access: deploy on premise or as an on premise/cloud hybrid.
  • RSA SecurID Authenticators: choose from hardware tokens, software tokens, or both. But don’t limit yourself to that
    • (Optional) RSA Mobile authenticators: Discover the convenience and security of mobile-based and biometric authentication methods that help balance the needs of your users with the security your organization requires.
    • Request a quote to configure your RSA SecurID Access Bundle for the number of users that need authentication.

Key features:

  • Flexible deployment options
  • Saves time with identity management and user self-service capabilities
  • Mobile authentication options that let users gain access using their smartphones or tablets (optional license)
  • RSA Identity Assurance: Use risk and context to make flexible access decisions for users (optional license)
  • RSA Standard agent: works with more than 400 partner products: VPN, networking, wireless, firewall solutions, and more


Product Data Sheet RSA SecurID Authenticators Data Sheet  
RSA SecurID Access Solution Brief  
RSA SecurID 700 Keyfob Authenticator
Visualization Support VMware vSphere 4.x  
VMware vSphere 5.x  
VMware vCenter 
Supported Protocols RSA SecurID  
SAML 2.0  
Product RSA SecurID Products
Solution For Authentication and Identity Management 


Evaluate Deploy and Manage Education

RSA Education Services provide training for core RSA products and offerings. Various options are available to meet customer schedules and budgets as well as to accommodate individual learning styles.


Professional Services
RSA Professional Services RSA Professional Services can guide you through the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of your RSA solutions, helping to ensure a lasting return on your technology investment. RSA provides a broad array of custom services as well as residency and training services that help address key security needs and challenges.
Customer Services
RSA Enhanced Maintenance Included with the RSA Authentication Manager solution. Provides RSA’s world-class global support organization to enhance your security solution with a comprehensive support plan that provides important security alerts, valuable upgrades, and access to expert advice. RSA provides the resources you need to quickly and proactively resolve product-related issues and questions to ensure business continuity.
RSA SecurID Token Warranty RSA warrantees all RSA SecurID Hardware tokens for the purchased lifecycle of the token.

Trial Offers

Request an RSA SecurID Evaluation Package (user registration required).
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