Mobile Push Authentication

Mobile authentication options for your modern workforce from RSA SecurID® Access

Deliver strong authentication to your users anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device. RSA SecurID Access offers two-factor push authentication that marries convenience and security and supports cloud-based and on-premises systems.


Get Mobile Authentication Your Way

In addition to mobile push notification, we offer one-time password (OTP), biometrics (fingerprint and eyeprint verification), SMS, soft tokens and voice callback.

Get Peace of Mind

RSA SecurID authenticators are an essential component of an identity assurance strategy that ensures users are who they say they are and always have appropriate access.

Improve User Productivity and Satisfaction

Advanced mobile push authentication speeds user access to applications and provides a frictionless experience, in addition to strong authentication.

Balance Risk, Cost and Convenience

The variety of authentication options RSA offers better positions you to balance total cost of ownership with security and end-user access requirements. You can still use hardware tokens for privileged users, but you can now extend a wider range of lower-cost mobile authenticators to standard users.

Ease Migration to Mobile Authentication

With RSA SecurID Access, easily transition your users from tokens to advanced mobile authenticators using the RSA SecurID Authenticate app.

Support Cloud-Based and On-Premises Apps

Our advanced mobile authenticators support SaaS applications and traditional, on-premises systems (including VPNs), and they’re compatible with all the major mobile platforms, from iOS and Android™ to Windows® Phone.

One Authenticator for All Your Needs

RSA SecurID Authenticate App

The RSA SecurID Authenticate App can serve as the one authenticator for all of your authentication needs. It supports push notification, mobile OTP and biometrics, and provides secure access to both cloud-based and on-premises applications from all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Get the App Now.

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