Securing Privileged Access with Multi-Factor Authentication from RSA SecurID® Access

Privileged Access: The Poster Child for Modern MFA

Hackers are eyeing your privileged accounts, so you better be using more than “admin123” to secure them. Multi-factor authentication from RSA SecurID Access provides the strongest security for your most sensitive access points. It uses risk and behavior analytics to ensure the users logging into your privileged accounts are legit, and not malicious insiders or external attackers exploiting weak passwords. Use it to protect privileged access management solutions like CyberArk as well as privileged access to critical infrastructure like AWS and Azure consoles.

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Securing Privileged Accounts – Three Steps to Maximize Protection with MFA

This e-book tells you how Multi-factor authentication (MFA) from RSA SecurID® Access provides real protection for your most sensitive access points—including servers, network administration, databases, root servers, and firewalls—with powerful security for your most privileged accounts.

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Solution Brief

Prevent Privileged Credential Abuse with RSA SecurID Access and CyberArk

Learn how RSA SecurID Access and CyberArk are working together to help organizations protect their privileged accounts from insider threats and external, credential-based attacks.

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Authentication for CyberArk

Privileged accounts represent some of your organization’s most critical access points. If they get compromised, you might as well declare, “I’ve been pwnd.” Privileged access management solutions like CyberArk help to reduce privileged access security risks and support compliance requirements, but even these solutions need the extra security and identity assurance that only RSA SecurID Access can provide.

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Authentication for AWS Admin

If hackers gained access to your AWS admin, they could steal or destroy data stored on cloud-based databases. They could sabotage servers and bring mission-critical and customer-facing systems to a standstill, costing your organization lost productivity, and potentially, lost revenue. Reduce the risk of these kinds of crisis situations with modern MFA from RSA SecurID Access.

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RSA SecurID Access integrates seamlessly with the applications you use every day to run your business.

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The RSA SecurID Access Test Drive is the quickest and simplest way to experience our advanced mobile authenticators, and it’s free! Sign up online and in minutes you can begin testing push notificationbiometrics and one-time passcode on your smartphone. 

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For a limited time, you can get FREE MFA from RSA SecurID Access for a full year. With this unprecedented offer, you can provide convenient, secure access to virtually any application, ground to cloud, from any device. Don’t miss your chance. Sign up today!   

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Data Sheet

50 Reasons RSA SecurID Access is the Best Choice for Modern Authentication

From the broadest range of MFA options to protection for cloud-based and on-premises systems, RSA SecurID Access can meet nearly every use case.

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What's New in RSA SecurID Access

RSA SecurID Access provides convenient, secure access to on-premises, web, mobile and cloud applications. Watch our webinar to learn about the latest offerings and enhancements from RSA SecurID Access.

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Solution Brief

RSA SecurID Suite: Accelerate Business While Mitigating Identity Risk

The RSA SecurID Suite is the only identity and access assurance solution that meets the dynamic access needs of today’s modern workforce. The RSA SecurID Suite offers a comprehensive set of capabilities including access management, authentication, risk analytics, identity governance and lifecycle management.

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