Securing Legacy Systems and Custom Apps with Multi-Factor Authentication from RSA SecurID® Access and Next-Gen Firewalls

Legacy Systems Need Modern MFA, Too

IT and security teams have been reluctant to enable legacy systems and custom applications that lack native support for SAML and RADIUS protocols with MFA because doing so would require a lot of complex, point-to-point integrations. But by implementing multi-factor authentication at the network layer with RSA SecurID Access and Palo Alto Networks’ next-gen firewall, organizations can more easily and cost-effectively extend MFA protection to these older, but no less critical, systems.

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Securing Custom and Legacy Applications - Three Reasons to Add MFA at the Network Level

This e-book discusses how RSA SecurID® Access and Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewall make it far easier and more cost-effective to extend Multi-factor authentication (MFA. Protecting critical legacy and custom applications can involve complex point- to- point integrations, implementing MFA at the network layer is a much more straightforward process to enforce secure access across an organization.

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Solution Brief

Prevent Credential-Based Attacks and Secure Legacy Systems with RSA SecurID Access & Palo Alto Networks

Find out how you can easily and cost-effectively secure legacy and custom applications with MFA by implementing it at the network layer using RSA SecurID Access and Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewall.

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Authentication for Palo Alto Networks

Despite being absolutely essential to many organizations’ day-to-day operations, legacy systems and custom apps are often inadequately secured with just usernames and passwords, leaving them vulnerable to credential-based attacks. Bring the benefits of MFA to these systems without custom coding every app by integrating RSA SecurID Access with next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks.

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RSA SecurID Access integrates seamlessly with the applications you use every day to run your business.

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The RSA SecurID Access Test Drive is the quickest and simplest way to try our advanced mobile authenticators, and it’s free! Sign up online and in minutes you can begin testing push notificationbiometrics and one-time passcode on your smartphone. 

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50 Reasons RSA SecurID Access is the Best Choice for Modern Authentication

From the broadest range of MFA options to protection for cloud-based and on-premises systems, RSA SecurID Access can meet nearly every use case.

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What's New in RSA SecurID Access

RSA SecurID Access provides convenient, secure access to on-premises, web, mobile and cloud applications. Watch our webinar to learn about the latest offerings and enhancements from RSA SecurID Access.

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Solution Brief

RSA SecurID Suite: Accelerate Business While Mitigating Identity Risk

The RSA SecurID Suite is the only identity and access assurance solution that meets the dynamic access needs of today’s modern workforce. The RSA SecurID Suite offers a comprehensive set of capabilities including access management, authentication, risk analytics, identity governance and lifecycle management.

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