Ultimate Security and Convenience

RSA SecurID offers a range of biometric authenticator options including fingerprint and eyeprint verification. This technology is engineered to use unique physiological traits to authenticate a user by confirming a known biometric print with a trusted device. When a user tries to log onto an application, the RSA SecurID Access hosted service sends a push notification to the user’s mobile device. For fingerprint authentication, the user simply touches the fingerprint reader on her device to gain access, and for eyeprint authentication, the user will hold the built-in camera in the mobile device up to her eyes, and the device’s software (e.g., Apple Touch ID®, Samsung Fingerprint or EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID) validates the user. It’s as simple as that.


  • Improved Convenience

    Fingerprint and eyeprint identification leverage the user’s actual physical traits and a mobile device that is usually close at hand.

  • Enhanced Security

    Every user has her own unique fingerprint or eyeprint. Unlike more traditional authentication methods, biometrics can’t be stolen, copied or forgotten. They’re always with the user.

  • Frictionless Security

    By enabling users to quickly touch or blink into the mobile device, authentication is fast and unobtrusive.

  • Enhanced Identity Assurance

    Leveraging risk analytics and contextual awareness, biometric authentication can add a layer of confidence that your users are who they claim to be.