• Streamlines the costliest and most time-consuming tasks associated with managing an enterprise authentication solution through a browser-based administration console.

  • Supports multiple authentication methods including hardware tokens, software tokens, risk-based authentication and on-demand SMS authentication.

  • Integrates out-of-the-box with more than 400 industry-leading partner solutions including VPN, firewall and web application providers.

  • Offers self-service capabilities to end users, allowing them to change their PINs, request replacement tokens and troubleshoot without having to contact the IT helpdesk.

  • Delivers a high-availability replication infrastructure and supports up to 15 replica appliances, allowing you to scale your RSA SecurID environment as your organization grows.

  • Supports the most popular and widely deployed operating platforms, VMware and Microsoft virtual environments, and hardware appliances with pre-loaded software.


  • Real-time risk engine

    Built into RSA Authentication Manager, the RSA Risk Engine enables risk-based authentication. It scores each authentication request in real time based on information about a user’s device and the user’s typical log-in pattern.

  • Deployment Options

    Deploy RSA Authentication Manager as a hardware appliance (includes preloaded software) or as a virtual appliance (supports both VMware and Microsoft virtual environments).

  • Software

    The RSA Authentication Manager virtual appliance includes the RSA Authentication manager software. It works in both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.

  • Interoperability

    Leverage more than 400 fully supported technology integrations free of charge that are jointly tested by RSA and more than 200 certified technology partners.

  • Hardware

    The RSA Authentication Manager hardware appliance is preloaded and ships with the RSA Authentication Manager software. Choose from two versions of the hardware appliance: Appliance 130 (designed to satisfy requirements for simple, cost-effective deployments) and Appliance 250 (designed with dual-power, redundant hard drives for organizations requiring high availability. Both versions are 1U appliances.