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Welcome! Click on one of the business applications below. You will be prompted to authenticate using the RSA SecurID® Authenticate mobile app. Click each application to try different authentication methods.

You will need the credentials that you received in your RSA SecurID Access Test Drive welcome email.

Travel & Expense CLICK TO AUTHENTICATE *Be sure you have enrolled EyePrint ID in your mobile app to take full advantage

As you can see from the Test Drive, RSA SecurID Access can serve as the one authenticator for all of your authentication needs. Meanwhile, “under the hood,” our risk engine is busy providing identity assurance—examining a multitude of contextual risk factors and correlating them in hundreds of ways to make a dynamic, real-time decision to either allow access, or require additional step-up authentication.   

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Legal Disclaimer: The RSA SecurID® Test Drive contains simulated applications. These simulated applications do not contain any real business data and are depictions of a typical application found in a general business environment. These simulated applications and mock data are being provided for demonstrative purposes only.