RSA® Identity Lifecycle

Manage the complete identity lifecycle

Streamline complex user provisioning and identity lifecycle management processes while meeting rigorous security and compliance requirements.

RSA Identity Lifecycle streamlines and automates access request and user provisioning processes to ensure users get access to the resources they need, right when they need them, without violating access or compliance policies.


Self-Service Access

Self-Service Access

A simple, intuitive interface lets users request access for specific business roles, entitlements or groups, and provides a clear view of user access privileges.

Proactive Policy Enforcement

Proactive Policy Enforcement

RSA Identity Lifecycle validates all access requests against business policies and controls before executing any changes. The built-in joiner-mover-leaver control framework ensures that users’ access is always appropriate to their roles and automates any necessary remediation activities.

End-to-End Access Request & Delivery Process

End-to-End Access Request & Delivery Process

The closed-loop workflow allows information security and operations teams to orchestrate access request, approval, escalation and fulfillment activities. It also validates that all changes are made quickly and correctly, with automated escalations in case of problems.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Business users can easily track the progress of user provisioning and access delivery, while administrative reporting provides IT with metrics related to service level agreements. Access trend analysis identifies bottlenecks and provides ideas for process improvements.

Infrastructure-Independent Fulfillment

Infrastructure-Independent Fulfillment

Leverage different approaches to fulfilling access, including email change notification, integration with an enterprise service desk and automated fulfillment.

Pre-Built Connectors

Pre-Built Connectors

Speed the process of onboarding applications with RSA’s pre-built connectors. RSA’s open, configuration-based approach to provisioning delivers a more cost-effective and efficient integration with your IT infrastructure than the complex, coding-centric approaches of traditional user provisioning systems.


Streamline Access Fulfillment

Automate the entire access request, approval and user provisioning process.

Reduce IT Costs and Complexity

Cut the time, cost, effort and errors associated with manual user provisioning processes by automating fulfillment of access requests and changes.

Improve the User Experience

Give the business an easy way to request and approve access for users while preventing them from circumventing compliance policies and processes.

Improve Security and Compliance

Enforce joiner, mover and leaver (JML) processes to reduce security and compliance risks.

Gain Faster Time to Value

Configure access request forms and automate access changes across more applications than ever.


RSA IDENTITY LIFECYCLE: Automating Access Request, Approval and Provisioning

RSA Identity Lifecycle simplifies and automates how user access is delivered. By combining a business-friendly interface for access request and approval with an innovative approach to automating user access changes across all target systems, organizations can deliver business agility while lowering cost and effort.

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