RSA® Identity Governance

Gain control of identity and access risk

Mitigate identity and access risks before they disrupt your organization. RSA Identity Governance helps you identify these risks and prioritize identity governance efforts.

RSA Identity Governance simplifies how organizations govern user access across the enterprise. RSA Identity Governance makes it possible to manage compliance consistently, on an ongoing basis, by fully automating the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements.

Customer Success

Case Study

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Improves Efficiency by Automating Access and Identity Provisioning

Mike Duncan, IAM Program Manager for insurance provider Ameritas, explains how RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle have reduced the time it takes to provision access for new users from five days to one day.

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Automated Access Certifications

Automated Access Certifications

An automated, end-to-end solution helps information security teams deploy a repeatable, auditable and business-driven certification process.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

An extensive set of built-in reports, combined with ad-hoc reporting capabilities, provides information security and compliance teams with visibility into the status of certification reviews across all users, information resources and entitlements.

Configurable Workflow

Configurable Workflow

Built-in workflows for access review, approval, exception handling and remediation are configurable, so you can easily adapt them to your organization’s processes.

Policy Automation

Policy Automation

Business and information security teams can easily define business rules that automate the monitoring of user entitlements and roles. This facilitates early identification, notification and remediation of inappropriate access, including segregation-of-duties violations.

Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics

Built-in metrics and risk sensitivity ratings can help information security, compliance, audit and risk management teams proactively manage access risk.

Automated Remediation

Automated Remediation

A closed-loop validation process ensures that entitlement revocations occur quickly and correctly; it also automatically escalates remediation activities if changes exceed a target timeframe.


Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency

Save time and money and derive greater operational efficiency by automating access review and certification processes.

Speed Time to Value

Implement RSA Identity Governance quickly with a deployment approach based on configuration rather than costly customization.

Get a Complete Picture of Access

Gain visibility into all user access privileges and high-risk applications across your enterprise.

Minimize Risk

Identify orphan accounts and inappropriate user access to reduce your risk of data breaches and audit failures.

Improve Business Engagement

Transfer accountability for access certification to the people who understand access needs best: the business. Business-driven certification helps minimize the “rubber stamping” effect and helps to reduce identity and access risk.

Enhance Security and Compliance

Implement security and compliance controls such as segregation of duties, privileged access and unauthorized access permissions to ensure your organization meets policy objectives. Flag access risks and violations between certifications.

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RSA Identity Governance: Automating Access Governance

RSA Identity Governance simplifies how user access is governed across the enterprise, making it possible to achieve sustainable compliance by fully automating the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements.

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