RSA® Data Access Governance

Manage access to unstructured data in your environment

Gain control of access to unstructured data and implement processes for unstructured data governance.

RSA Data Access Governance monitors, certifies and reports on who has access to unstructured data stored on the following resources: Microsoft Windows-, Linux- and UNIX file servers; network-attached storage devices; and Microsoft SharePoint servers.

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RSA Data Access Governance

RSA Data Access Governance helps organizations gain control and visibility of user access to unstructured data stored on file servers, network attached storage devices and Microsoft SharePoint servers.

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Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

The RSA Data Access Governance architecture is proven, scalable and designed to meet any organization’s performance requirements across tens of thousands of file shares and millions of files.

Configurable Workflow

Configurable Workflow

The user-friendly workflow can be easily configured to accommodate your organization’s unique data access governance processes.

Advanced Reporting and Risk Analytics

Advanced Reporting and Risk Analytics

Ad-hoc reporting capabilities, combined with an extensive library of built-in reports, deliver detailed and summary analyses across all users, data resources, data entitlements and certifications. Risk analytics provide insight into the state of data access permissions.

Data Access Certification

Data Access Certification

Enable security teams to deploy a repeatable, auditable and business-oriented certification process that automatically creates access reviews, tracks changes from the certification process, and validates that changes have been successfully executed.

Controls Automation

Controls Automation

Business and IT teams can easily define data access rules that automate the monitoring of inappropriate access permissions, including violations of segregation of duties policies. This helps reduce organizations’ exposure to compliance risks.



RSA Data Access Governance supports automated remediation of user access permissions via email and task notification, through integration with existing identity management and IT change management infrastructure, or through RSA Identity Lifecycle.


Improve Data Protection

Better protect growing volumes of unstructured data by identifying and controlling who has access to unstructured data resources.

Accelerate the Access Certification Process

Define business owners and perform access reviews for data resources to achieve a faster and more cost-effective access certification process.

Engage the Business

Drive accountability for managing access to unstructured data resources into the business.

Easy Compliance

Make it easier to meet new compliance requirements that place restrictions on data access while lowering costs associated with legacy or manual compliance monitoring processes.

Improve Detection of Unauthorized Access

Detect unauthorized access to unstructured data resources more quickly with a closed-loop process for validating changes to data access permissions.

Leverage Existing Security Investments

Continue using Microsoft Active Directory group-based data access lifecycle management and data classification systems from data loss prevention (DLP) systems.

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