RSA Business Role Manager

Automate the discovery and creation of business roles to govern user access

RSA Business Role Manager helps organizations deploy effective role-based access controls, which streamlines access delivery and simplifies compliance.

RSA Business Role Manager delivers top-down and bottom-up role discovery, creation, modeling and suggestion. RSA Business Role Manager helps streamline access based on “birthright” entitlements associated with specific functional roles, ensuring, for example, that HR managers receive access to HR systems.

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RSA Business Role Manager

RSA Business Role Manager helps organizations deploy effective role-based access control, which streamlines access delivery and simplifies access compliance.

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Enterprise-Wide Visibility

RSA Business Role Manager automates the collection and correlation of entitlement and role information across all application and data resources. This helps to provide enterprise-wide visibility into common access across users.


Business Roles

Business context can be leveraged to define business roles, which provide a layer of abstraction above existing entitlements, technical roles and application roles.


Flexible Role Models

Support for complex role hierarchies and inheritance models accommodates an organization’s unique requirements for mapping access relationships between users and their roles.


Role Certification

When used in conjunction with RSA Identity Governance, RSA Business Role Manager provides an automated process for role certification. This ensures that business roles are maintained appropriately and that role owners are accountable for reviewing role entitlement structure and membership.


Change Management

A closed-loop validation process ensures that changes are completed successfully or escalated if not. A complete audit trail captures all approvals, escalations and changes.


Role Reporting & Analytics

A comprehensive set of metrics and reports provides the administrative insight and decision support to ensure roles are effective for an organization and to minimize role proliferation.


Enhance Governance

Ensure more accurate and complete governance and user provisioning in accordance with joiner, mover, leaver policies based on job roles.

Simplify Role Analysis & Creation

Take a metrics-driven approach to role modeling based on pattern analysis and policy validation, resulting in a simplified process for collecting, assessing and analyzing established roles as well as defining new roles.

Gain Business Buy-In

Automated role certification ensures that business managers participate in the creation of role assignments.

Improve Reporting

Build a trusted system of record for reporting and analytics to help your organization track role changes for audit and compliance and to monitor the usage and effectiveness of roles.

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