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Modernizes your approach to secure access

SecurID Suite enables organizations of all sizes to mitigate identity risk and maintain compliance without impeding user productivity. It ensures users have appropriate access and confirms they are who they say they are with a modern, convenient user experience. In addition, SecurID Suite provides unified visibility and control across organizations’ many islands of identity.

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Modern authentication

Modern authentication

Allows you to provide your users with convenient, secure access.

Access and SSO

Access and SSO

Connects to any resource on premises or in the cloud.

Identity governance and lifecycle

Identity governance and lifecycle

Prioritize access decisions and ensure users have timely access to the applications they need.

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Confirms identities and prioritizes access with a risk-based approach

SecurID Suite marries multi-factor authentication with identity governance and lifecycle controls to address the security challenges associated with delivering convenient access to dynamic user populations across complex environments. It evaluates risk and business context to provide identity and access assurance. 

Managing identity risk starts with measuring identity risk

Today’s rapid transformation of the workforce and workplace has resulted in more identity and access risk for organizations everywhere. To manage that risk, you need to understand it. Start by taking just a few minutes to assess your current risk posture and risk management practices, using the RSA Identity and Access Management Risk Intelligence Index.

Understand your risk

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The security and control to stay ahead of identity risk

Unified identity assurance platform

SecurID Access simplifies authentication and credential management, helping to reduce IT support costs. With a conditional-access and risk-based approach, it ensures users are who they say they are and provides the right level of access from any device, across cloud and on-premises applications.

Automate identity assurance

Modern authentication for dynamic workforces

SecurID Access empowers employees, partners and contractors to do more without compromising security or convenience. It provides authentication choice to meet the needs of your diverse user base with passwordless, hardware, software and mobile options.

Authenticate confidently

Identity governance and lifecycle

SecurID Governance and Lifecycle delivers continuous access assurance and ensures users have appropriate levels of access. It provides visibility across organizations’ islands of identity in today’s blended cloud and on-premises environments.

Gain access visibility

SecurID Access is a critical component of our security stack: not using it would mean that we'd only require a standard identification and password, and we saw that as potentially opening us up to targeted attacks.

Yumiko Matsubara
Security Architecture Manager

Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.
Recruit Technologies

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Provide convenient access to any platform

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Implement identity assurance

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Know your users

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