RSA Archer® Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management

Meet changing compliance obligations

  • Establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable corporate compliance program
  • Satisfy industry- and country-specific requirements
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory violations and operational compliance failures
Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

Solution Brief

RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management

This solution brief provides an overview of RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, including use cases for Controls Assurance Program Management, Controls Monitoring Program Management, Corporate Obligations Management, and Policy Program Management.

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RSA Archer Maturity Model: Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management

This white paper outlines the RSA Archer Maturity Model for Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management.

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Gives You Control of Regulatory Requirements

By consolidating regulatory requirements and centralizing news feeds from regulatory bodies into one searchable, standardized governance structure, RSA Archer better positions your organization to quickly determine the impact of regulatory changes.

Makes Compliance More Efficient

By automating task assignments, report creation and controls assurance testing through a centralized portal, RSA Archer helps to reduce the time burden on critical resources while minimizing your organization’s risk of costly compliance failures.

Brings Consistency to Compliance

RSA Archer Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Management allows you to eliminate manual, non-scalable compliance activities by implementing a consistent and repeatable process for managing new and changing regulations.

Improves Data Protection

Better manage data protection requirements associated with industry standards and global regulations such as GDPR. Improve the classification and assess relationships between risks and controls that pertain to managing data.

RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management

Explore the Use Cases

RSA Archer Policy Program Management

Create, manage and distribute corporate and regulatory policies, standards and procedures in a single governance system of record. Ensure alignment of policies with changing business objectives and reduce compliance gaps. Manage linkages between internal controls and laws, regulations and industry frameworks.

RSA Archer Controls Assurance Program Management

Document, assess and report on the performance of controls across your business. Systematically document the control universe and streamline compliance processes and workflows for evaluating the performance of controls. Apply clear, accurate controls guidance in support of any compliance objective.

RSA Archer Data Governance

Designed to provide a framework to help organizations identify, manage and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities. Empowers organizations to maintain an accurate inventory of processing activities, establish and apply documented controls around the usage of PII, and manage data retention requirements.

RSA Archer Privacy Program Management

Designed to enable organizations to group processing activities for the purposes of performing both privacy impact assessments (PIA) and data protection impact assessments (DPIA) and for tracking regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities. Identify operating conditions that may necessitate a DPIA pursuant to Articles 35 and 36 of GDPR.

RSA Archer Corporate Obligations Management

Create a centralized repository to gather, track and respond to regulatory developments. Implement a system of record for organizing regulatory intelligence. Create clear linkages between changes in regulations and internal controls.

RSA Archer Controls Monitoring Program Management

Manage the full lifecycle of regulatory and corporate compliance. Assess and report on the performance of controls across all levels of enterprise assets. Automate control assessments and ongoing controls performance monitoring.

RSA Archer Regulatory Content Analysis

Quickly identify and assess the impact of new and updated regulations on your organization’s compliance posture. Streamline the resource-intensive process of sorting through regulatory change documentation and ensure regulatory analysis is performed consistently.

"It was clear to us that the RSA Archer Suite was the most flexible, trustworthy and easy-to-manage compliance solution. We liked the fact that it offered full traceability from authoritative sources to control level, as this was a real benefit for us."
Karen Delozier
Vice President, IT Risk and Compliance

Sallie Mae


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