RSA Archer® Security Operations & Breach Management

​Implement and manage a security operations center and improve cyber incident response.

  • Centrally catalog IT assets for incident prioritization based on business context.
  • Monitor key performance indicators, measure control efficacy and manage the overall security operations team.
  • Focus on the highest impact incidents to lower overall security risk and react promptly and appropriately to data breaches.

RSA Archer Security Operations & Breach Management

This data sheet provides an overview of RSA Archer Security Operations & Breach Management, a use case for RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management.

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SIEM Integration

SIEM Integration

Provides a central repository and taxonomy for security alerts and integrates with SIEM, log andpacket capture infrastructure.

Empower Analysts

Empower Analysts

Enables analysts to aggregate alerts, filter false positives, and triage and confirm incidents.

IT Asset Catalog

IT Asset Catalog

Provides a centralized catalog of organizational and IT assets.

IR Procedures

IR Procedures

Incorporates pre-defined incident response procedures and breach risk assessments.


Accelerate incident response and analysis and increase resolution rates by better allocating the security team’s time and resources.

Gain a clearer understanding of the impact of security incidents on specific IT assets and business processes.

​Decrease the time it takes security operations center staff to identify and aggregate alerts, assess business impact, initiate breach response and notify all affected parties.

Saint Luke's Health System on Mission-Critical Data with RSA Archer

Saint Luke's unites mission critical data and boosts organizational efficiency with RSA Archer

We use RSA's GRC platform for governance, risk and compliance, RSA Archer, which acts as the central workflow for all of our converged security areas. So it doesn't matter whether it's incident response, cyber operations or operational risk management: All the information and business processes flow through Archer.

Roland Cloutier
Global Chief Security Officer


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