RSA Archer® IT Risk Management

Identify, assess and monitor IT risks.

  • Gain a consolidated view of IT risks across your enterprise with consistent approaches and automated processes for identifying, assessing and treating those risks. 
  • Maintain a complete catalog of IT assets and risks, and establish clear ownership and accountability for them.
IT Risk Management

Data Sheet

RSA Archer IT Risk Management: Use Case for IT & Security Risk Management

RSA Archer IT Risk Management enables you to catalog the organizational elements and IT assets for IT risk management purposes. The use case also includes a risk register to catalog IT risks, pre-built risk assessments for IT, a pre-built threat assessment methodology and a catalog to document IT controls.

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Central Asset Catalog

Central Asset Catalog

Provides a means for creating a centralized catalog of organizational business and IT assets.

Risk Repository

Risk Repository

Offers a repository and standard taxonomy for IT risks and internal controls.

Pre-Built Assessments

Pre-Built Assessments

Includes pre-built IT risk assessments and a cyber threat assessment methodology, as well as an IT control library to enable documentation and assessment of IT controls.

Exception Management

Exception Management

Facilitates exception management and governance through appropriate risk acceptance and sign-off.

Issue Management

Issue Management

Provides a consolidated issue management process.

Centralized Tracking

Centralized Tracking

Enables centralized tracking of gaps and remediation activities for compliance issues.


​Improve your organization’s overall risk posture with a clear view of your IT risk profile and structured processes for continuously monitoring emerging IT risks.

Accelerate processes for researching and understanding key risk and control requirements. Clearly articulate the organization’s IT risk posture to management and regulators.

​Reduce the risk of business disruption due to outages, cyber attacks, improperly configured software, and other IT-related events and issues, whether cloud-based or on-premises.

​Improve communication and understanding of IT control requirements to reduce compliance gaps and improve risk mitigation strategies.

Streamlined IT risk assessments accelerate identification of IT risks and linkages to internal controls.

​Keep pace with the rapidly changing risk landscape and shifting business requirements using an agile risk management framework.

Saint Luke's Health System on Mission-Critical Data with RSA Archer

Saint Luke's unites mission critical data and boosts organizational efficiency with RSA Archer

One of the challenges we had before implementing Archer was that we had a difficult time finding a single, factual source of information. With the implementation of Archer, we can pull one piece of information together to share with the business, or to use for strategies and planning.
Jonathan Jowers
Chief Information Security Officer



Solution Brief

RSA Archer Third Party Governance

This solution brief provides an overview of RSA Archer Third Party Governance, including use cases for Third Party Catalog, Third Party Engagement, Third Party Risk Management and Third Party Governance.

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7 Steps to Build a GRC Framework for Business Risk Management

To manage information risk and keep your organization moving forward, you need a solid strategy and a good game plan. View the e-book for tips to build a risk management framework based on proven GRC principles.

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  • OCEG Infographic: The Journey to Advantaged GRC As organizations mature their approach to GRC, they transition from a structure of siloed departments and units to a fully engaged business operation. In a mature state, everyone has a part in managing risk, ensuring compliance and contributing to performance outcomes. This leads to greater confidence, agility and resilience—advantages that ensure success. This illustration shows you the stages along the journey to GRC maturity.


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